My Poetry. Born with Nothing Die the same!.


As we try to progress
through everyday life
we sit back and think
Dissect with a knife.

Will this day be cool
will it be crap
what are our chances
Which days to scrap?
Equally, we hope
that life will run smooth
with all that’s going on
What can we improve?
Take each day as it comes
face it with a smile
take on your adversaries
Make it worthwhile.
When all is said and done
you find you did your best
conquer the unreasonable
Master the test.
We are all born equal
with nothing to spend
bare and vulnerable
On adults, we depend.
When we leave this Earth
again we are bare
whether life was fantastic
Or maybe unfair.
Be happy with your lot
or be defeated in life
what’s the use of misery
Trouble or strife?

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