My Poetry. Lest we Never forget!

 Treated like animals 
because of their race
blackened bodies
A human disgrace.
Old and young
huddled in groups
soldiers yelling
tied up in loops.
Some are shot
their pain at an end
Fatherless children
Unable to defend.
Lead to rooms
made of wood
the rich, the poor
The bad the good.
No one cares
if they live or die
fear ridden faces
Reach for the sky.
Black smoke rises
from human remains
hundreds of people
Taking the reins.
Orders are clear
no one must survive
every Father and son
Cannot be alive.
After the Holocaust
no one to reflect
just smoke from a fire
No one to detect.
Millions of people
lined up outside
they know they're fate
Nowhere to hide.
We must never forget
this horror from the past
this was no film
With thousands as a cast.

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