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My-Poetry / Writings · 1 May 2017

My Poetry. Never given a Chance!

The door was never opened 
slammed shut in every place 
he wanted to work badly 
To spare him from disgrace. 
All his friends were working 
 but still couldn't find a job  
 OK, they had qualifications 
 He was taunted and called a slob. 
 Incapable of learning at school
 no diagnosis could be found
 back then it was never recognised
 The difficulties would astound.
 Poor teaching and ignorance
 was to blame for all his plight
 people were ignorant
 It wouldn't happen overnight.
 No one knew Dyslexia
 he didn't even understand it himself
 chastised by his parents
 Scared to be left on the shelf.
 Suffering through ignorance
 his life would be wasted away
 no one understood this boy
 Or what he had to say.
 In this age of recognition
 kids can get help at the start
 so do not suffer in silence
 Or think you are torn apart.
 Employers need to be compliant
 some people learn at a slow pace
 with training and support
 They will welcome and embrace.
 Discrimination is against the Law
 even though, there are loopholes
 Employers can do as they please
 To fill their experienced roles.
 The rights of many are scrutinized
 in an age of impatience and hurry
 no one has any time these days
 Hence, understanding is blurry.
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