My Poetry. Nothing in the end.

 Viewing the World through a microscope 
 at times, you don't like what you see 
 unbalanced, unfair, shameful 
 Determines how it must be. 
 It depends on where you came from 
 to determine life's fate 
 being born into hardship 
 is sometimes what you hate.
 Some are born into grandeur
 poverty they will never know
 wealth through the blood
 Lots of dough.
 Happiness doesn't mean riches
 if your satisfied with your lot
 just think of the homeless
 In case you forgot.
 Money doesn't buy health
 or can make you live forever
 we will all die one day
 Whether, rich, poor, or clever.
 Just be who you are
 live your life in peace
 don't worry about tomorrow
 Or when life will cease.
 We are all governed by time
 and one day it will run out
 there are no pockets in a shroud
 Or a voice, to scream or shout.

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