My Poetry. Sun shine days.

After a long cold winter 
it's nice to see
the sun in its glory
It makes you feel free.
The heat is better
plants starts to grow
we all go crazy
To the garden centre we go.
The barbies are fizzling
the aroma is cool
moistened mouths 
Makes you drool.
t shirts and shorts
with the odd Jesus sandals
wearing your socks
Facing the scandals.
Semi clad folks
burning under the sun
screaming and shouting
All having fun.
Tots with sun hats
protected from rays
splashing in pools
By the heat of the days.
Dogs puffing and panting
the heat is their pest
jumping in lakes
Trying their best.
Three days of sunshine
not a cloud in sight
a wonderful summer
Glorious and bright.
Who needs abroad
when we have weather like this
save all your money
enjoy the bliss.
The question on our lips
Is will it last?
It makes people happy
We all have a blast.

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