My Poetry. The Arachnid and Me!!

There was a spider 
crawling on my floor
couldn't catch the blighter
To put out the door.
Every day my eyes were peeled
hoping it would show
not on the walls, or in a corner
were did it go?
Open windows are needed
on a hot summer night
but creatures of the outside
Scamper for the light.
Giant moths fly in tune
dive-bombing by the second
no care for anything in its path
Or a newspaper it never reckoned!
Still, the search is on
for my spider house mate
were the heck did it go?
Is it ready for its fate?
Scanning the floor, and the walls
still, it does not appear
the thought of it still in my house
Is filling me with fear.
Our eight legged furry friends
have no idea how they panic
a man in his middle years
Distraught and all too manic.
Just when its out of your mind
in the corner of your eye you see
your friend running on the floor
So cheeky and it's free.
Deciding on what action to take
whether he will stand still or run
Will you do the humane thing?
Or shoot it with a gun!
Panic comes all over me
as I stand in a frozen state
then he starts to make a run
And then it seals its fate.
As I place the cup over him
hoping he will stay put
goodbye Mr Spider
its time that you were oot.

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