My Poetry. Traded in!

I tried to be the best wife I could 
but it wasn't enough for you 
determined to anger me, make me sad 
Forever being blue. 
Deliberately you goaded me till I cried 
 starting arguments to make me give in 
 the mental torture cut deep inside 
 Gnawing at me from within. 
 Thirty five years of marriage I gave you
 chucked away like a used handkerchief
 no counselling or help to decide our fate
 Just YOU get justice and relief.
 You traded me in for someone else
 never taking my feelings into account
 worked hard all our marriage for you and the kids
 No matter how hard or the amount.
 So go have your life, be with that girl
 leave me alone to survive
 don't worry about me be happy yourself
 I'll be fine on my own, I'm alive!
 Struggling to live, scared on my own,
 but I'm strong and will survive.
 A man you loved for forty years
 Has gone, life is not fair.
 Kids all gone, lives of their own
 My mind is going spare.
 Not going out, no friends to see
 Living this life day by day.
 It's hard to forget so many years
 In a nightmarish foray.
 So its questionable why this happened to me
 In a previous life was I bad?
 Months have passed, things moving on
 Day by day not so sad.
 Going shopping. Eating out
 In my new role as single not a wife!
 Happy now on my own, I reflect then
 when It nearly ended by taking my life
 but time is a great healer so they say
 Especially for an abandoned wife.
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