My Poetry. A Childs Child!

Peace on earth and mercy mild
Why can’t I not have my child?
Pressurized, made to feel un-pure
The morning after tablets may not always cure.

Leaving it too late to get advice
After eating well the human spice
Children so young immature in life
To be a partner let alone a wife.
Visits to clinics, adults all around
Losing your identity can it ever be found?
Ruining your life, so pure and true
Life full of trauma, feelings of blue.
A thirteen-year-old aged in a day
She has no rights or even a say
I want my baby, to live its life
I was born myself in violent strife.
Be protected and wise if things get hot
Whether right or wrong or often not
Babies are born too frequent these days
Children themselves end up ruined this way.
Educate yourself in matters of sex
Read all the books study the text
Speak to your parents be honest too
Your life will be better no more fool you.
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