Public Poetry. Burned out.

Mistakes were made and it’s too late to go back.
I keep replaying it over and over,
thinking ‘what if I did this or ‘what if I did that
So now I sit alone, crying and slowly dying.
Wanting to fix it all, but only futility
A burning flame in my heart.
The existence I never knew
Till it danced into my life.
I had my chance but didn’t hold on tight.
And now flame is gone,
extinguished into the dark night.
I would do anything to go back in time.
Pay more attention and hold dearly the flame that was once mine.
The flame illuminated my path and brightened every day.
Now that it’s gone, I’m once again lost and know not what to say.
She needed 100% and I gave less than that.
No one to blame but myself, as I fade into black.
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