My Poetry. My secret Wish.

My secret wish  
is to end all wars
banish the things
That I abhor.

Help the starving
stop children crying
banish all traces
Of the sick and dying.
Allow animals to survive
without being hunted
people fleeing from countries
Transported and shunted.
Respect the elderly
give them a voice
give fellow man
A reasonable choice.
Look after our planet
keep loving green
the tired and homeless
Should be seen.
End all poverty
make everyone rich
from people in mansions
to the man in the ditch,
Learn to live together
stop hunger and greed
make food available
For humans to feed.
Trust in your brother
give them a say
love your sister
be they straight or gay
My secret wish
is for all the above
so before its too late
Share the love.

What is Your secret wish?

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