Famous Scots. William Wallace.


William Wallace was born in 1270 in a Scottish Town called Ayr, or in the immediate area of Ayrshire and yes this was also the same birthplace as Rabby Burns famous Scots poet and author. Wallace was taller than Mel Gibson which was unusual for that time, not many people were tall, but he towered in comparison.He got his title “braveheart” from the Scottish people because he battled with Edward Longshanks a ruthless English King, he wanted the Scots to fight alongside him against the French but the Scots refused so Edward sent in an army to capture the leader of the Scots who at the time was a kind of King but only recognized by Edward himself.
John Baliol ruled Scotland because the former King of Scotland had died, there were 13 people seeking rights to the Scottish throne Baliol was named the vassel King, meaning he had no real power.

Edward was enraged because Baliol refused to team up with him so sent in an army to Scotland to arrest him. Discontentment ruled over Scotland for many a year because there was no real leadership, so an army was raised and in charge of that army was Sir William Wallace. After driving out Edwards army Wallace was made “Guardian of Scotland”The final battle was lost and Longshanks stood in victory against the Scots, William Wallace was betrayed by a kinsman he was arrested taken to London and “hung drawn and quartered” meaning his body was posted on the 4 corners of the UK as a warning to other people who would commit treason against long-shanks.

There was no romance as the film depicted, the script was glamorized, William Wallace did fight for Scotland and to the Scottish people was a hero., History has always fascinated me… I hope you enjoyed this story…. of the real”William Wallace” “Brave heart”

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