My Poetry. Living on the Breadline!.

These days we often worry 
whether we can eat or starve
bills and debts piling up
No holiday to the Algarve.
Food banks loom, it's a God send
when nothing is left to eat
While the rich get fatter of this land
The poor are battered and beat.
As! We try to rob Peter to pay Paul
Nowadays bills come first
Children are going hungry
From when they are very small.
Governments screw the poor
taxes have to be paid
the rich get richer, the poor hemmed down
Under the breadline they have made.
Hard working families deteriorate
luxuries non-existent or rare
children do not understand
Why the table is often bare.
As the Years come and slowly go
We wonder will things get better?
Prices rise, money is tight
The World of the fated debt letter.
Jobs are scarce in impoverished Towns
benefits are into reform
but the hardest hit are the working class
They suffer, it's the norm.
What is left for our Children's future?
When little or no work is around
even for the highly educated
In menial jobs are bound.
We have to live in hope
be positive every day
you get your say at voting time
But do we get our way?.
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