My Poetry. The only way they know!

Born to a World of hate 
guns and knives the way
nothing to look forward to
Except horror every day.
Ethnic groups everywhere
fighting for their right
looking after their families
every day and night
Days and nights we live in fear
wondering when it will come
this isn't a dream or fairytale
Fighting for a crumb.
Children nearly as young as five
carrying weapons to kill
no teachers to teach them civility
craving for blood to spill.
Parents in jail or not around
no one to discipline the young
left in a world of commotion it appears
Whistling the tune as its sung.
What is the answer?
No one seems to know or care
just statistics to quote in the news
As hatred grows in every child.
Fighting off physical abuse.
Safe in our own little domain
forgetting reality in the streets
Carnage and disdain every day.
You don't get a tab or receipt.
Today's youth, neglected each day
brushed under the carpet "oh well"
never having a say in this life
Just living a nightmare in hell.
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