My Poetry. Old age.

Why do we grow old and vain? 
Complain about the economy?
Mumble about the rain?

Suffer from sore joints
hardly get around
trying not to stumble
Struggling with Sounds.
Running after children
bailing out our kids
vacuuming the carpets
Pots without their lids!
Having to mind the steps
just in case you fall
memories so vivid
Getting harder to recall.
Standing in long lines
for money, we are due
worried what's on the tele
Sometimes feeling blue!
Sleeping every moment
you sit down on a chair
wondering why your old
And do people really care!
Chatting to the Neighbors
having tea all day
hoping as you age
You still have things to say!
Old age has its good points
I can name a few
sophistication and elegance
The ability to chew.
Honour and respect are
ultimately yours
playing with your grandchildren
Travelling on tours.
Educating young folks
giving them a chance
playing them old records
Bursting into dance.

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