September 2019

Blog/Web Promotions.(The Bloggers Blotter.)

The Bloggers Blotter.

I am starting my new promotional page with a dear friend of mine.

Mary has been writing for many Years, her poetry won her awards when she was a part of BWOP.

Please visit Mary and give her your support.


A sample of Mary’s work.

The Rape of the Condom

The hour was late

.If ONLY he was asleep – not awake.

It lay there, helpless…unfolded, draped

He took that condom and left a tear that GAPED

Yes! It is true –That condom HAD been raped!!!!

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My Published Books.

Hello friends.

I have been lucky enough to have a book published professionally, and I am delighted. When I ran a poetry website I decided to try to publish my own books through

During the site success, I also published books with the members of the site, which was a very rewarding thing to do.

All the profit from all the books sold was given to Cancer Research UK.

Please visit my Published book page and my Published with friends page.

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Scottish Architecture. National War Museum.

The museum was opened in 1933, becoming the first war museum in Great Britain. It is housed in an old warehouse from 1755. The tickets for this historic building are free when purchased with an Edinburgh Castle ticket.

The National War Museum, situated within Edinburgh Castle, is Scotland’s national war museum reflecting over 400 years of Scotland at war, which due to its strategic position, has suffered through many years of conflict. Visitors will be taken back in time to the beginning of the seventeenth century.
As with any other military museum, the National War Museum includes paintings of battles, weapons, armour and other items from various periods.
The museum’s collection features, as well as the typical military items, traditional Scottish clothing worn during the battles, personal items belonging to the soldiers, and letters sent home from the battlegrounds on distant lands.
There is also a section dedicated to World War II and the importance of the women’s role during the various conflicts. Note that women rebuilt entire cities such as Berlin.
A definite must
Edinburgh’s National War Museum is located within Edinburgh Castle and is a definite must.
Just outside the museum, you’ll find other exhibitions related to the same topic: The Royal Scots Regimental Museum, which shows the Infantry uniforms and The Regimental Museum of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, dedicated to the cavalry.

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