October 18, 2019

My Poetry. Dismantled Nest.

Fly high little one 
it's time to go on your own 
time to see the world out there 
Now that you have fully grown. 
Make mistakes, try out life 
You're a certainty to fall on your face 
try to live a happy life 
And never fall from grace. 
Treat all people
as you treat yourself
respect costs nothing to you
help the unfortunate heal the sick
Comfort friends who are true.
Remember your family here at home
when times get rough or hard
always know your parents are here
To pick up the pieces if your scarred.
The nest is dismantled, apron strings cut
you need to find yourself
the storms of life will blow on you
To Knock you from the shelf.
Fulfil your goal little one
success is waiting out there
all you need is a little love
On a wing and much earned prayer.
Thank you for Sharing me.
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