October 28, 2019

My Poetry. Brexit has seen him out!

He did not die of Hunger 
Nor was it the bottle of booze
The drugs they did not do for him
It wasn’t even the cruise.
The poor guy he was healthy
Just the other day
He knelt at the side of bed as usual
And he began to pray.
He prayed for his family
All his friends, and foes
He even prayed for his Goldfish
And all his Hamsters toes.
So how did this man pass away
They say he was fit and well
It was a shock to everyone
As his funeral crowd would tell.
They say he passed with the TV on
Boris Johnston on repeat
All that could be heard that day
Was another parliamentary defeat.
The poor man couldn’t take it
Brexit had taken its toll
His heart had finally given way
With all the rigmarole.

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