November 3, 2019

My Poetry. Lest we Forget.

They fought without a care 
For their own precious life
Leaving at home their families
Brothers sisters and wife.
They did not have a choice
Humanity was almost expired
By the murderous unfeeling fascists
Who's guns had fired and fired.
How could one man have such influence?
How could people be taken in?
Shouting his odds in crowds
Saying he would win.
Soldiers of many nations
Died to bring us peace
There was no racist imbalance
No one was ever fleeced.
When our Soldiers fought and died
Some of them did come home
From Countries, they had fought in
From France, Poland, and Rome.
As we honour our heroes
we watch them die in vain
Some of them are homeless
Others die in the rain.
Then some die with hunger
Or cannot use their fuel
How could this happen
How can we be so cruel?
If you have the money you're alright
Be you poor then we don’t care
Just give us all your money dude
Hey, ho mate life ain't fair.
So when we sit in our comfy homes
A war hero is under a bridge
When you pull your 4 pack out
From your well-stocked electric fridge.
A man or woman who fought for us
To give us this easy life
Is disrespected or laughed at
It cuts as deep as a knife.
Thank you for Sharing me.
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