November 24, 2019

My Poetry. What I leave to you.

I would ask you why you deserted me 
when I was a younger child
never gave me any feelings
just made me hard and wild.
Where were you when I needed you?
in my early youth

did you not even think of me
you know I'm telling the truth.
Did you give me a family
who never knew the meaning of you
all they gave was torture
and always making me blue.
Why did you say you are blind
when all the time you see
then you tore a strip from you
but you never gave it to me.
Tell me will you ever come to me
and allow me to be someone true
or will you always evade my soul
all my life through.
I see you all around me
in many people I know
you fill their hearts with gladness
you help them to prosper and grow.
I feel you will not want me
because what you never had you never get
so I will give you to my dog
my undying supportive pet.

Thank you for Sharing me.
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