My Poetry. Another New Year. 2020

Once again we hit the end 
the Year is over again
time does fly when your getting older
not like it did back then.
You did not mind if years went in
it was shrugged away and forgot
sillyhearts never want to remember
you appreciate what you have got.
Will this Year bring anything exciting?
we always hope and pray
well even just waking in the morning is a bonus
and living another new day.
We all have dreams of what we want
and sometimes they do come true
Will this year be good to me?
and hopefully for you too.
This is a new decade ,what have we learned
ever stopped for a moment to think?
we still have youngsters pregnant at 13
or people who take drugs or drink!
There are still wars, and greed is a fashion
no matter how many years dwindle by
so what will this new year bring for us?
will some people live and not die?
HAPPY NEW YEAR is an empty thought
if nothing doesn’t change
think what you say and try to be genuine
even though that sounds very strange.
Lend a hand to your fellow man
Or even say hello
Try to be the best you can
You reap what you will sow.
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