Public Poetry. A voice from the past.


Upon waking this morning
I heard a voice from the past
World War II fighting
A War that did last…

It was the voice in the movie theatre
Showed our troops fighting
Showed our men going to their creator
Men, women and children crying and dying

The radio was part of our lives
Big band music playing and shaking
Rationing and hearing cries
Of families whose sons died fighting

It was a good time and a bad time
Of people being killed by being gassed
Hitler committing horrendous crimes
It was a time great love and great hatred.

It was the time of the atomic bomb
Being dropped on the peoples of Japan
It shocked the world into a great calm
Many countries now have the bomb because they can.

Have we learned from our mistakes?
Sixty six years ago a life gone crazy
If we say we’re better now, we are fakes!
Again life has gone crazy, WHY, because we are lazy…

Copyright Jeanette M Moser

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