My Poetry. The Bus Journey!

Boarding the bus you see lots of faces
tired, and ashen Grey
parents with kids being dragged to school
Starting a brand-new day.
Tossed around on a bumpy ride
shattered before you tackle a new day
some faces angry, fearful, desperate
Amidst the drunken foray.
No one getting off, the bus gets full
people are standing in the aisles
looking around on this tired old bus
Searching for anonymous smiles.
On it goes as well as it can
speed is never an issue
chugging along the bumpy roads
As a boy sneezes into his tissue.
Heads bobbing up and down 
trying to grab a short snooze
some peoples head banging off the window
while some try to shake off the booze.
Humans plugged into various sounds
no one willing to communicate between stops
Alone in a World of their technology
Umbrellas and all kind of props.
The journey progresses slowly
people get off en masse
no matter how much stature you have
Everyone is equal in class.
Pensioners board
the bus is full
you give up your seat
That's the rule!
On it goes we are getting there 
the end is almost near
you can rely on public transport it seems
Well yes, except not here.
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