My Poetry. Tunnel Vision.

Swimming in a sea of despair
darkness all around
tempted again by the “other side”
The voices bear the sound.
One battle, too many wars
showing all the scars
endless music in ghostly symphonies
Egotistically marred.
Walking along a darkened tunnel
not even a “crack of light”
walls so cold with dampness rife
I will not face the fight.
Charred ruins of “come what may”
echo near your face
touching, prodding, beckoning you
In your own dark space.
Escape this torture, give in to me
the light you may never find
just as you exist and face the music
I know your in my mind.
Darkness falls the light is near
I can feel the warmth on my hand
let me walk inside your heaven
I am now outside the land.
I waited till you came for me
happiness fills the air
reaching, beckoning, supporting,
relieved from this nightmare.
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