My Poetry. Expressionless.

You search till there aren't any places 
look around at expressionless faces 
look to man for his own disgraces 
Naked women covered in laces. 
Children s laughter is filling the air 
when your older, nothing is fair 
keeping youthful without a tear 
trying out your past, but nothing is there. 
Knock at the door and you will find
people who are meek, loving, and kind
no enemy to beat, dazzle, or blind
no hands bleeding, no bandage to bind
The heart captures love, passion, truth
the body alive, encapsulated, aloof
there isn't a lie, you don't need the proof
or a fairy to take away the tooth.
A feeling of strength, nowhere to hide
forget the pitiful, embrace your pride
follow the stream, to the ultimate tide
fly high to the clouds, and glide
Trust your fellow man, conquer all fear
dodge the bullet, or a sharp spear
keep it under control, hold what's dear
every man has feelings shed a tear
Promises kept, sometimes promises lost
fearful shadows in counting the cost
feeling the ice, but avoiding the frost
shattered rocks, covered in moss.
Live today and care for your life
turn the other cheek if it cuts with a knife
always remember there has to be strife
hunger and famine are always rife..
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