August 1, 2021

My Poetry. Couch Potato

Home from work, the kettle on 
It's time to relax and frown upon 
the square of light a means of escape 
to see a man fly, with a funny red cape. 
He saves the world, chases the bad 
is it her brother?no it's her dad! 
laughter, tears, fictional emotion 
escaping reality in a whimsical notion. 
Soaps, drama's, movies too
glued to the box no time for the Loo
will he live?does she die! 
is it a human?
no it's a fly!
kidnapped by aliens, fighting a war
what is the purpose, who is it for?
stuck in a world of frantic array
actors and cartoons, models in clay.
Your own little world, no one dare enter
the sofa, this room, is your worldly centre
no means to an end it goes on and on
from the start of the evening,
till the dot has gone.
Thank you for Sharing me.
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