My Poetry. Remember the days!

Do you remember days gone by 
When they were long and time wouldn’t fly 
Carefree times with no pretence 
Feeling young with confidence. 
The sun blinding your very soul 
Bonfires, tents and blackened coal. 
Never having a horrid day 
Loving life ,come what may. 
Focused on your younger life 
Before the turmoil, pressure and strife.
Friends would come and always stay
Making life a memorable day.
Laughing at all innocent things
Where bees are buzzing and birds sings
Summer days full of fun
Playing football in the sun
No enemy to make you scared
Cakes and scones carefully prepared
Food a plenty and stomachs full
Enjoying the times you have at school.
The best friend you have has four legs
Follows you everywhere, sits and begs
Those were the days I will never forget
When times were happy you had nothing to fret.
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