April 1, 2022

Infamous Scots. Walter Norvil.

He was known as Glasgow’s original Godfather. The mastermind behind a string of violent armed robberies at post offices, banks and hospitals across the west of Scotland.

Walter Norval and his notorious XYY gang were prepared to shoot, threaten and intimidate anyone in their pursuit of riches.

Norval, who modelled himself on US mobster John Dillinger and even wore the pinstriped suits, made his name running local gangs before moving onto protection rackets and naturally graduating to armed robbery.

The XYY gang involved hundreds of foot soldiers who during the 70s pulled off dozens of armed robberies, often from hospitals and major works, but also from post offices across the country.

Scores of weapons and explosives were hidden in safe houses around Glasgow.

Eventually he was brought down by police and did 14 years inside and by then the underworld scene in Glasgow had changed.

Norval was critical. In his day, he said, gangsters were hard men who fought amongst themselves but the modern gangster paid someone else to do their dirty work.

After his death at 85 from pneumonia in August 2014, Norval’s coffin was carried in to the sounds of ‘My Daddy was a Bank Robber’ by The Clash.

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My Poetry. VE. DAY. 2020.

Today we celebrate the life
of men and women who fought
They had no choice to refuse
a miserable life they sought.
As the guns fired in anger
the bombs dropped with malice
they killed without compassion
every Tom Dick and Alice.
And as the hatred grew
for almost all human kind
The stronger got even stronger
whilst the fascists grew blind.
The men and women defeated
an evil without any doubt
So God bless every one of them
as we give you all a "shout".
Today we Celebrate VE Day, can you imagine what our lives would have been like under Hitler?
Perish the thought. Let us celebrate the Men and Women, (some still alive) who made sure we remained 
free. We will never forget what you done for us.
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