My Poetry. Still Together.

We have lived together for 50 years
and are still in love to this day
we have managed to stay together
fight demons in our own way.
I remember the day I met you
I was cycling down a country road
you passed with your dad in his old Ford car
and a lorry had shed its load.
We both stopped to help the driver
put his goods back on his truck
you smiled at me and lit up the day
and I knew that I was in luck.
I never saw you for four months from then
you went to visit your aunt
I missed you deeply and without you
the birds had stopped their chant.
When you said you would marry me?
my life had only begun
and five years after our marriage
you gave me a fine healthy son.
Ups and downs we certainly had
and at times we wondered about us
but with hard work and determination
we continued to live without fuss.
Now we are here after 50 years
and I still adore you my love
for the rest of our lives together
will be shared with the good lord above...
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