May 17, 2022

Infamous Scots. Kevin ‘GERBIL’ Carroll.

“Anyone who doesn’t toe the line will be getting a bang.” Moments after delivering those words Kevin ‘Gerbil’ Carroll was dead.

As dozens of terrified shoppers ran for cover two masked men unleashed a volley of shots from handguns into the back of the Audi Carroll was trapped in.

Carroll was executed before he could turn executioner.

Following the 2010 murder of Gerbil, gunman Billy Paterson, 39 – also a member of the Lyons crime gang – was convicted in 2015 and caged for at least 22 years.

But another suspect, Ross Monaghan, a violent, cocaine dealing gang member, was charged but his trial collapsed in 2012. He has since gone to ground and disappeared.

Feared enforcer for the Daniel’s, Gerbil’s murder was the culmination of a decade-long war between the Lyons and Daniel gangs.

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Scottish Mysteries. Bairn.

The Unknown Bairn, 1971.

On a dull May day in 1971, a Fife postman and his son came across what they thought was a doll washed up on the beach at Tayport. It was the body of a boy aged around three, still wearing what looked like a pyjama top. Nothing suggested he had died of anything other than natural causes. Despite ongoing appeals and huge news coverage, nobody ever came forward to claim or identify the child. Numerous theories have been put forward, including that his family were unable to meet the costs of a funeral, or had been aboard a ship visiting the Tay. The people of Tayport raised money and he was buried in the village, where community representatives pay their respects once a year. His headstone reads: ‘Erected by the people of Scotland in memory of the Unknown Bairn’.

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