May 19, 2022

Scottish Antiques-collectables. (Brogue)


Vintage Brogue Thistle Shoe Buckles – Circa 1920 in nickel silver – white metal as worn on the front of Highland brogue shoes.

Size. Approx 70mm x 50mm

Including Agate jewellery, Scottish hallmarked sterling silver, vintage glengarry badges, plaid brooches, kilt pins and bracelets. With jewellery from classic Edinburgh and Glasgow makers like Robert Allison and Thomas Kerr Ebbutt and provincial Scottish silversmiths.

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Scotland and its History. (Excecution)

Hello friends, I think and hope many of you will have watched Braveheart, although not all factually true it was pretty accurate when it came to the execution of the man himself. This video is pretty good for explaining the real fate of William Wallace, please bear in mind some of the stills are pretty gruesome, so if your about to eat or have a sensitive tummy watch later lol… enjoy.

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