My Poetry. Generations of New.

“A young boy gazes at the stars,
And wonders where his future lies,
He ponders aimlessly his mind alive,
Amazed at himself being only five,
Deep in thought his face so tense,
Imagining reality and common sense,
One day soon he may be sworn,
To a world so cut and horribly torn,
To war and famine rife in this day,
Hoping he will have the courage to say,
Put down your guns and weapons of hate,
Control my future seal my fate,
Build my threshold and let me live,
Instead of killing I want to give,
Peace and love to every man,
Black, yellow, brown, or tanned,
We are all as one in a future unclear,
Where children can hope and be empty of fear,
The bright new sun in a Blue cloudless sky,
Is guiding us now so lets live and not die.”

Excerpt From: Mr William Manson. “Everyday Realities”. Apple Books.

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