My Poetry. Our Earth.

Considering this world is real,
Where people live, and often feel
Environments are in danger of dying,
Do we want our children sad and crying?
When forests, fields and living things,
Are void of life, and no bird sings?
Lets all be happy we have a chance,
To listen, learn and truly enhance.
The beauty, life, and creation of glory,
To educate ourselves, continue the story,
Keep our planet alive and well,
Stop the axe man about to fell.
A glorious tree of beauty and Grace,
Make humanity stop and face,
A consequential act of destruction,
Build it up, try reconstruction.
Let this lonely world of ours,
Rise and grow, and seed the flowers,
Let the animals live in peace,
Extinction is a sorrowful lease.
They too have a right to live,
And breathe the air, our planet gives,
Stop pollution, nuclear waste,
Give us all a chance to taste.
Clean fresh air our right of act,
Try with some diplomacy and tact
To overcome our state of affairs,
Please god answer our needy prayers.
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