June 17, 2022

Scottish Antiques-Collectables. (Clock)

18th century Scottish carved oak brass face grandfather clock

Rare 18th cent Scottish carved oak brass faced grandfather clock from Stirling, by Thomas Pringle St Ninians. Completely original and now with a truly impressive patina. Illustrated in the rare book, Stirling clocks by Charles Allan. We have a copy that goes with the clock, according to which he only made four clocks. This very rare clock is in near pristine condition, first delivered in a horse and cart. Now 250 years later and just 5 miles away from where it was made, now in our showroom In superb original condition.

Working order. The case is profusely carved with a superb Scottish thistle carved upon the base panel. Swan neck pediment with brass bulbous finials. Brass face with silvered dial. Nice slim balanced features. Highly collectable original and very rare Stirling clock. We have found the swan neck pediment central brass finial now, Osprey, We will update the hood image with the original finial in the next days. We also have a copy of the original book titled Stirling Clocks, with this clock depicted.

 The provenance of this clock with 250+ years of local ownership

A testament to its charm and quality. A truly 1 off opportunity to own this superb piece of local history. I’ve kept it cheap as possible in the hope that it remains in the area of central Scotland for many more generations. 18th-century gunsmiths and clockmakers once flourished in Stirling, guns and clocks, of fine collectors quality. As a fine furniture maker myself, after this period leading into Victorian times, the clock shapes lack the balance of the 18th-century craftsmanship. Stirling was a centre of excellent craftsmen and women in this period. This clock has the perfect balanced proportions of any clock made for two centuries since. And in keeping with its style, its height further adds to its charm.

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My Poetry. Black or White.

Why does it matter
if we are black or white
do we really care
and do we have to fight?
underneath our skin 
we all bleed red
were brought up as humans
and were breast fed.
Just because we are different
doesn't give us the right
to suppress the vulnerable
with all our might.
Abuse our Power
think we are better than you
treat you with contempt
and murder you.
Why do we think
racialism is cool
when in Gods eyes
you are a fool.
The World is crumbling
and Humanity is in a mess
its all our own doing
we must confess.
Now we are protesting
the bullets will fly
and at the end of the day
we all will die.
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