June 18, 2022

My Poetry. Insomnia.

Lying awake, staring at the clock 
alone in your own silent space 
tick tock tick tock is all you hear 
no sign of sleep, not a trace. 
Lay on your head hope to drop off 
but still you fight to shut down 
the brain is ticking the mind is roaring 
like a saddened unhappy clown.
Get up again, drink some water
then try to battle once more
throwing the duvet over your head
after watching the shadows on the door.
Nothing you do can make any difference
your more awake now than you were
read a book, do a puzzle
unwind all the tension in there.
Try with the light dimmed, close your eyes
sleep will eventually come
try to unwind, close your mind
eventually your body will succumb.
Lying here still alert
will this nightmare end?
watch tv, drink more fluids
your driving to a dead end.
Hours go by and still no sleep
its just another one of those nights
even your medication fails
losing the war and the fights.
Morning arrives, two hours kip
not enough when you have to work
now I want to sleep forever
and feel like a right bloody burke.

Insomnia is a Horrible disease
It strikes when you least expect it.
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Scottish Mysteries. (legion)

The Disappearing Ninth Legion

The Roman army’s Ninth Legion successfully conquered England in A.D. 43 and—with the exception of the odd rebellion—kept control of the bottom half of Britain for the next 74 years. Then, from A.D. 117 onward, the entire legion suddenly vanished from the historical record. Today, no one has any idea what happened to them.

One of the most popular theories is that they marched north into Scotland to fight an uprising of the Picts. This story has gained traction in fiction as the basis of several books and films, but some historians believe the legion simply left to go fight elsewhere. It’s also been speculated they were defeated in a battle against Rome’s nemesis, the Parthians, in Iran. Another possibility is that they lost against a Jewish uprising in A.D. 132.

One clue suggests that things had started to go wrong for the Ninth even before that time. When Emperor Hadrian turned up in A.D. 122, he brought another legion with him, the Sixth. He proceeded to build a wall across the north of England, then called Britannia, to keep out the people north of the border. If they had recently wiped out a renowned arm of his military, that would have beeen a very good reason to erect such a structure.

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