June 20, 2022

My Poetry. A World without you.

I see you in my dreams
you liven up my day
your'e the very heart and soul of me
what more can I say?
your smile is like a sunbeam
but much greater than the sun itself
your value to me is priceless
than fame or any wealth.
I'd be lonely and empty without you
my life would be sad and dull
like trees without their leaves
or a head without a skull.
Bees would no longer buzz
birds would be unable to sing
flowers would lose their scent
church bells wouldn't ring.
you are the North star in the sky
the apple of my eye
and together we will never say
goodbye my love goodbye.
Thank you for Sharing me.

Scottish Architecture. (Bridge)


Best viewpoint: From the river bank adjacent to the bridge, or from the modern bridge over the A941 to the east.
How to get there: The bridge is located north of Aberlour, just off the A941 and the A95 and can be reached by public transport.

History: The Craigellachie Bridge opened in 1815 and is the oldest surviving cast iron bridge in Scotland. Designed by Thomas Telford, one of the most famous engineers of his time,  it has mock-medieval towers that flank the bridge on either side which give it a regal air.

Wee fact: It is one of only a few engineering projects in Scotland that has been recognised as a landmark of importance by both the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Thank you for Sharing me.
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