My Poetry. When love is there.

Stay with me share my desire
envelope me within your cocoon
passion runs inside of me
like a helium filled balloon.
I want to cross the threshold
be with you for all time
climb the fences jump the walls
mask you in your prime.
You are there I am here
I cannot cross the line
like being trapped in a cave
or covered in a mine.
It is the brightness that attracts me 
as your darkness engulfs my mind
to me you are a treasure
more loveliness I could not find.
Why can't I escape this life?
to join you as one soul
lift the cup of poison
it's out of my control.
I guess I have to wait
my time isn't over yet
I feel your power surrounding me
my destiny is set.
Let your spirit stay within
the boundaries of my dimension
as long as you can feel me
there will never be outer tension.
I guess I can wait forever if need be
as long as you are spiritually here
time waits patiently for both of us
there is nothing for us to fear.

The love we shared will come back again
as you watch over this shell with a soul
I feel you watching over me
we will fulfil our goal.
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