My Poetry. Can you see?

Can you see our world?
From a different light
When its war enticed
And doesn’t look bright.
Is the good Lord above?
Watching our foes
Choosing our enemies
to see how it goes?
Were we ever designed?
To be battle ready
Lifting our hands
Becoming unsteady?
Are we destined to be?
Hungry and cold
When some are rich
With means untold?
Does the moon ever fade?
Tarnish or die
Is the sun gonna shine
In a bright clear sky?
Are butterflies colors?
Black and white
Are oceans bottomless?
avast of delight.
Is love just a word
Meaningless and dull
Is a bond not your word?
Carved in your skull.
Do you help your neighbour
when he is in plight?
can you sit around watching
while others fight?
Would you ignore your brother
if his skin was brown
can you stand and watch
another human drown?
Could you ignore a person
who cannot communicate?
having learning difficulties
that they did not create?
These are questions
I cannot answer
but we live in hope
like a cure for cancer!!
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