My Poetry. Making a Difference!

Waves batter shoreline stones  
polished to a high degree 
No man made power needed for this task 
Just Mother Nature and her sea.  
The power is magnificent within Earth itself 
more gigantic than man or his Kings 
We cannot control the force of our planet  
Nor control how a bird flys or sings. 
From ancient times man tried to control
The way our Earth reacted
But even in this new millennium 
we could only watch close and interacted. 
The Egyptians were the most advanced
Far ahead of their time and education
Their greatest of buildings still stand today
with no asbestos or harmful radiation. 
what have we learned from millions of years?
When man did not dominate the Planet
Animals ruled in fierce competition
territories were bare and volcanic.
As we grow to a very old age
We wonder what will happen to us next
Will we survive as this planet deteriorates?
Or will get even more complex?
Many scriptures tried to seal our fate
Predictions were almost turned true
But who can make a difference to our future?
We all know the answer is YOU....  

Look after yourselves and our Planet.

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