August 29, 2022

My Poetry. Reality is a dream!

Open up my mind free my torment
the images are frightening to me
the battles that go on inside my head
are only for me to see.
Outside you see an ordinary man
who lives his life to the full?
but at night a different being
drowns in a deadly pool.
Torn by right, edging for wrong
magnetised in one direction
tearing away at your very soul
hiding for your own protection.
Your head feels like a leaded weight
you cannot lift it at all
pegged down by a gory end
you know you’re gonna fall.
Will it win? will it lose?
only the end is nigh
dragging you down the darkened lane
all you can do is sigh.
Torture knows no boundaries
as you fight for the right to live
strain has set upon your head
it will never give.
Darkness or light where is it?
there is nowhere left to turn
and so, the end is looming
as you feel the heat and burn.
Medication what is that?
does it make any odds?
only for the tired bodies
controlled by steel and rods.
Prize open my head let it escape
for it now needs new blood
open all the trapped doors
let loose and let it flood.
Struggling with bi-polar disorder.
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Scottish Mysteries. S.C

Eleven heavy silver chains like these have been found in Scotland, and nine survive today. They were made some time between 400 and 800 AD – it isn’t possible to date them any more closely because they were found a long time ago, so our archaeologists don’t have the kind of contextual information they’d have if they’d been discovered more recently. The chains were clearly potent symbols of power in Pictish times, yet we’re still not entirely sure what they were for. They look like neckpieces fit for a king, yet appear to be too small to fit a man. Were they worn by women, or even children? Our archaeologists are still investigating.

Thank you for Sharing me.
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