My Poetry. Imaginary friend.

Born as a child alone
who could not find a friend?
parents who worked too hard
Alice was left to defend.
At school Alice was a master
bright for her age
her tutors were always proud of her
and in studies she would engage.
But in-home life she was lonely
all she had was Jenny
she liked her friend so much
and it did not cost a penny.
Jenny was always there
when times were tough and hard
she always knew just what to say
and produced the winning card.
Alice became withdrawn
her parents wondered why
Jenny was all she spoke of
and it made her poor mom cry.
All Alice wanted was to be listened too
but her parents were always away
perhaps if they took some time for her
she would be alive today.
Jenny told Alice her life should now end
because being alone is unhealthy
sometimes having everything in this world
doesn’t always make someone wealthy.
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