Kings-Queens of Scotland. Indulf.

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King Indulf, also known as Indulf mac Causantín, was a historical figure who ruled as the King of Scots from 954 to 962. He was a member of the Alpin dynasty and the son of King Constantine II.

During his reign, King Indulf faced challenges from Norse raiders and sought to protect his kingdom from their incursions. He is credited with fortifying the Scottish kingdom by constructing a series of defensive works, known as “Indulf’s Mote” or “Indulf’s Dyke,” to repel Viking invasions.

Indulf’s reign also witnessed conflicts with the Britons of Strathclyde, an area in modern-day Scotland. According to historical records, he led military campaigns against the Britons and gained control over some of their territories.

King Indulf died in 962 and was succeeded by his cousin, Dubh (also known as Duff). However, Indulf’s descendants would later regain the Scottish throne through his grandson, Kenneth III.

It’s important to note that historical accounts from this period can vary, and not all details may be completely accurate.

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