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Scottish Brooch.

A Scottish brooch, also known as a Scottish pin or a Highland brooch, is a traditional piece of jewellery worn in Scottish culture. It is typically worn by both men and women as a decorative and functional accessory. Scottish brooches are often made of metal, such as silver or pewter, and are adorned with various symbols and designs that are emblematic of Scottish heritage.

One of the most common types of Scottish brooches is the kilt pin. The kilt pin is a large, decorative pin that is used to fasten the outer layer of a traditional Scottish kilt. It adds weight to the front apron of the kilt, preventing it from lifting in windy conditions. Kilt pins often feature Celtic knotwork, thistles, tartan designs, or other traditional Scottish motifs.

Another type of Scottish brooch is the plaid brooch. Plaid brooches are circular or oval-shaped and are typically worn by women to fasten the tartan shawl or sash known as a plaid. These brooches are usually larger and more ornate than kilt pins, and they can be highly intricate, featuring gemstones, enamelwork, or filigree designs.

Scottish brooches are often considered symbols of Scottish heritage and are worn on special occasions, such as weddings, ceilidhs (traditional Scottish gatherings), or Highland games. They can also be cherished family heirlooms passed down through generations. Today, Scottish brooches are not only worn in Scotland but are also popular among people worldwide who appreciate the beauty and symbolism of Scottish culture.

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