Kings-Queens of Scotland.


Alexander III

Alexander III of Scotland was born on September 4, 1241, and ascended to the throne at the age of seven following the death of his father, Alexander II. His early years as king were marked by regencies and power struggles, but he eventually assumed full control of the kingdom in 1262.

During his reign, Alexander III pursued policies of internal stability and expansion. He worked to strengthen royal authority, improve the administration of justice, and promote economic prosperity. Alexander III also sought to extend Scottish influence over the Western Isles and the Hebrides.

One significant event during his reign was the Treaty of Perth in 1266, which secured Scottish control over the Western Isles and recognized Alexander III as the overlord of the Norwegian-controlled territories.

Tragically, Alexander III’s reign came to an abrupt end when he died in a horse riding accident on March 19, 1286. His untimely death without a clear heir plunged Scotland into a succession crisis known as the “Great Cause,” which eventually led to political instability and conflicts over the Scottish crown.

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