My Poetry. The Tranquil Garden.


A symphony of colours, a dance of delight,
This enchanting garden, a wondrous sight.

Amidst the emerald sea, flowers unfurl,
Each petal a canvas, a story to twirl.
Roses of passion in crimson embrace,
Lilies of purity, white as moon’s grace.

Daffodils, like sunshine, golden and bright,
Daisies like stars, sparkling in the night.
Tulips reaching upward, in joyful cheer,
Their melodies of scents, whispering near.

The trees stand tall, like guardians wise,
Their branches forming a verdant guise.
Leaves rustle gently, as if they know,
The secrets whispered in winds that blow.

Butterflies waltz, and bees softly hum,
Nature’s orchestra, a harmonious sum.
Hummingbirds flutter, sipping sweet dew,
Their wings a blur, as they bid adieu.

In this sacred garden, time slows its flight,
As worries dissolve, bathed in twilight.
Here, troubles recede, and burdens take flight,
An oasis of peace, in day or night.

And in this garden, hearts find reprieve,
A chance to heal, a moment to believe.
For in every blossom, a promise is seen,
That life’s a cycle, forever serene.

So let’s wander through this paradise fair,
With each step, embracing the scented air.
In the tapestry of life, let’s be a part,
Of the garden’s grace, a work of art.

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