My Poetry. Humanity.


In the tapestry of existence, we find a shining thread,
A tale of hope and love, where hearts are truly fed.
It’s the epic of humanity, a story ever bold,
Through trials and tribulations, its beauty does unfold.

From the first breath of life to the last fleeting breath,
We dance in the cosmic ballet, defying fear and death.
Hand in hand we journey, through joys and sorrows too,
Bound by a common heartbeat, each one of us anew.

In the depths of darkest nights, a beacon gently gleams,
Compassion, love, and empathy, the essence of our dreams.
Through wars and bitter conflicts, we seek a common ground,
To bridge the gaps between us and heal wounds that abound.

We hold within our souls the strength to rise above,
The power to forgive, to mend and to truly love.
With every act of kindness, a ripple we set free,
To touch another’s spirit and change their destiny.

Yet, sometimes we falter, lost in selfish schemes,
Forgetting that humanity’s a tapestry of dreams.
We must remember always, we’re interconnected threads,
Together we’re much stronger, as life’s intricate spreads.

In nature’s grand design, we’re stewards of this earth,
To cherish every living thing, to nurture and give birth.
For in the heart of kindness, lies our innate worth,
To embrace our shared humanity, the key to our rebirth.

So let us stand together, embracing all we are,
In unity, we flourish, reaching for the stars.
With love as our foundation, we’ll build a world so grand,
A tapestry of humanity, united hand in hand.

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