My Poetry. Mans best friend.


In fields of green and skies so blue,
A loyal heart, forever true,
A furry friend, both bold and free,
This tale I weave of a dog, you’ll see.

With eyes that shimmer like morning’s dew,
A spirit untamed, forever anew,
Bounding through meadows with joy untamed,
In every heart, the dog’s love claimed.

Through days of laughter and nights so still,
A companion steadfast, an unbroken thrill,
A wagging tail and a playful bark,
In the realm of dogs, love leaves its mark.

In times of sorrow, a comforting soul,
A presence that heals, makes broken hearts whole,
With paws that dance in nature’s grace,
The dog’s essence, a timeless embrace.

Through seasons changing, the years may pass,
But memories linger, like footprints in grass,
Oh, faithful friend, forever you’ll stay,
In the verses of this ode, come what may.

So here’s to the dog, our companion true,
A cherished bond that forever grew,
In this heartfelt rhyme, your spirit lives on,
A love unending, like a timeless song.

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