My Poetry. Beauty.

black rock formation on seashore

In the realm of beauty, let my words unfold,
A poem to capture its essence, untold.
For beauty resides in every form and hue,
From the grandeur of nature to the soul that’s true.

Behold the rising sun, with its golden rays,
Painting the sky in a breath-taking blaze.
The hues of the sunset, a masterpiece divine,
A symphony of colours that gracefully entwine.

In the gentle petals of a blooming flower,
Beauty blossoms, with each passing hour.
The delicate dance of a butterfly’s flight,
A fleeting moment of sheer delight.

But beauty, my friend, is more than what we see,
It lies in the depths of your spirit, carefree.
In kindness and love, in compassion and grace,
A smile that can light up the darkest space.

In the laughter of a child, innocent and pure,
In the wisdom of age, steadfast and sure.
In the melodies that touch our very core,
In the art that moves us, forevermore.

So let us celebrate beauty, in all its forms,
Embrace its presence, weather any storms.
For it is a gift that enriches our days,
A reminder of life’s wonders, in countless ways.

In the tapestry of existence, woven with care,
Beauty whispers softly, in the gentlest air.
So open your heart, and let it be your guide,
For beauty, my friend, is found deep inside.

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