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Blog/Web.Promotions. Raffaello. Palandri.

Hi folks Today I would like to spotlight a great Blog, well one of many, Raffaello has several Blogs but this one is my favourite. Here is a sample of his work from this particular Blog.

Even when I’m on a business trip (in RÜSSELSHEIM AM MAIN, this time) I have to take a photo when I see such a gorgeous sky.

Please visit his Blog here. RAFFAELLO PALADRINI

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Blog/Web Promotions. Shaunak Hub.

his photographs are amazing, kinda cheers you up each day you visit and see his lovely snaps. Today I would like to introduce you to Shaunaks Hub.

Here is a sample of his work, please pay him a visit and show him some support.


This is Shaunak Basu. I am an ordinary citizen of India. Born in a small town of Uttar Pradesh, got my education in a town called Barddhaman in West Bengal and has spent most of my life in Kolkata, India.
Here I publish my thoughts on different topics that concern me or touch me in various ways. I also share my different experiences.



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Blog/Web Promotions. “Butterfly Sands”

Hey friends, its that time again, time to recognise a wonderful writer and Blogger, today it is “Butterfly Sand”

About Me

I have never walked the cobbled streets of Paris in the rain or sipped tea beneath the Russian sky.  I have seen Right Whales frolic in the open sea and I have watched as an Alaskan seal basked in the cold sunshine of an August afternoon.  I have been to school and I have worked for a living.  Now I am writing for me, from my heart and from my dreams.  What I do not understand I approach with words and hope understanding creeps from my fingertips.

This Blog is full of nice things from a great writer, please show some support and visit her…

A sample of her work..

The sun has a sense of humour,

I really think it’s true.

Because you see I just heard,

The sun did wink at you!

The wind is softly touching,

The hairs upon your arm.

I think it’s trying to show you,

Its gentle loving charm.

The birds are singing in the sky,

A tune with love and grace.

Are they serenading you,

Here within this place?

Upon the air a perfect scent,

Is wafting by my nose.

Could I be mistaken,

I think I smell a Rose!

Nature touches all of us,

In ways we do not know.

It’s the reason we have life,

That began so long ago.

Take the gift that we call life,

And hold it to your heart.

Every day we must give thanks,

Each day a brand-new start.

Copywritten Material…

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Blog/Web.Promotions.(Simple and Gayforward)

Simple and Gayforward.

Hello friends.

Today I would like to promote the incredible Blog of Abdul Halim. and the title is Simple and Gayforward.

I think this Blog is outstanding with many variety of topics.


Not an expert on Islamic affairs just because I’m Muslim. Not an expert on gay issues just because I’m gay.

I am a Singaporean Malay guy, aged 37 (update Aug 2013: 40 now). Just an ordinary guy with his views and opinion, his rambling thoughts. A regular blue-collar worker more occupied with bread-and-butter issues. Living his life day to day, discovering and learning as he goes along.

Also: I have always loved to read, mostly novels, but it’s been a long while since I left school. Please excuse me for grammar, spelling or other mistakes.

Abdul Halim,


Patterns with Inkscape

Posted on 2

I love patterns. On anything: shirts, upholstery, curtains, wallpaper, gift wrap paper. I like patterns that lean towards a retro vibe. I like geometric ones especially with a dash of Art Deco. Or designs featuring nature elements like flowers and leaves. I like simple, elegant ones, I like loud ones. Even ultra minimal designs like polka dots or stripes can be pretty and interesting too, as the variations one can play with them in colour, size and background are endless.

Recently I came across some YouTube tutorials on how to create patterns on Inkscape and decided to give them a go. They seemed easy but I was fumbling and had to keep repeating the steps. However I will do more of them to better get the hang of it. I like trying different types of digital drawing to see which ‘clicks’ with me, when I have the time. Drawing patterns is definitely something I’d like to explore further as a hobby.

Please visit Abdul and show him some support.

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Blog/Web Promotions.(Ingrid. D.)

Ingrid .D.

Hello folks, Promotions time, There are many travel blogs out there but I like the personal ones, the ones that give you many graphics and stories so I feel this Blog is worth a mention, plus Ingrid is lovely and visits Blogs regularly, so pop over and support her.

Here is a sample of Ingrids work, please note her photographs are copywritten.

There was a restaurant nearby where we bought delicious tuna sandwiches. That’s actually it: we worked on our tan, swam, admired the stunning views and ate. A lot.

In the evening, we had dinner in the same waterside restaurant. What a romantic setting!

Please visit Ingrids Blog here for more info, share the love.

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Blog/Web Promotions.(Dracul Van Helsing)

Dracul Van Helsing.

Hi friends, Another great blogger with fantastic stories definitely worth a visit, and all-round nice person who takes an interest in everyone’s work.

Here is a sample of CHRISTOPHER MILNER’s work.

The April Fool

The following poem was written by a friend of mine Father Jacob Boddicker SJ a Jesuit priest (a rare breed of Jesuit for these times – one who’s actually a Christian and not a Marxist) whose parish consists of serving several communities on the Lakota Sioux reservation in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

I first came to know Father Jacob (we’ve never met in person) when he was a young seminarian and noviciate in the Jesuit order when he had a blog at the Xanga blogging site back in 2009 where I also had my primary blog at the time.

When my dad died from cancer in June of 2010, every few days for the next year I’d get a message from Jacob asking me how I was doing.

We still keep in touch.

He was finally ordained a priest about 3 or 4 years ago.

And has been serving the people of the Lakota Sioux First Nation ever since where he was assigned after ordination.

This is his poem that he wrote today and posted on his Facebook page entitled The April Fool:

The April Fool 

By Father Jacob Boddicker SJ

“Tear down this temple,” the April Fool cried,
“And on the third-day shalt I raise it up.”
On an ass did he come, crowd-hailed then hied 
to a quiet place with his friends to sup.
“This bread is my Flesh; this wine is my Blood,” 
yet to all ’twas no change in look or taste.
Though claimed he divine, heeded not ill-brood 
of one there, silver-swayed, who’d lay him waste.
The Fool, who dared to trust, abandoned was to mock and spit, blood and bone, agony, 
then though innocent bore he his own cross 
‘fore enthroned a sad lord on Calvary.
“The jester king!” laughed they, those people cruel;
but on day three proved they the April fools.

Please visit Dracul Van Helsing here.

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Blog/Web Promotions.(Regina Castejón)

Regina Castejón

Hi friends.

When I switched over to WordPress from Blogger I had no idea the number of great blogs that were out there, so with a lot of searching I managed to find many and now I am friends with most of them.

Today I would like to promote the lovely Regina Castejón, Regina has a couple of websites but this particular one is fab because she shares her work in Poetry.

Here is a sample of her work.

I see behind the window
 The tears no longer matter I know
 that the sun illuminates,
 More I'm cold ... 
 Like  an ice floe

 I can understand
 Time has accompanied me;
 The reasons today are superfluous,
 They seem like hollow words ... Nonsense
 have to be

 Love ...
 plays everything or perhaps nothing.
 Today I just want
 you to hold me, to
 blur my soul.

 But I'm cold ... 
 Like  an ice floe.
 I remember when you said:
 "Our love is invincible"
 and I can't stop thinking ... 

Please visit Reginas Blog here and give her some support.

Reginas Blog.

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Blog/Web Promotions.(Brian Lageose)

Brian Lageose

Good afternoon friends.

Today I would like to Promote the following blog.

This Blog is amazing, Brian captures the Early days really well and his articles are amazing, he also has more than one Blog/Website information can be gained from visiting his awesome blog.

Here is a taster of Brians work. Condensed.

Past Imperfect – #582

Fair warning: This one is twisted, even for me

Daughter, far left: “Mother, he’s doing it again.”

Mother, near left: “Who is doing what, dear?”

Daughter: “Father. He’s staring at me again. In that way that we talked about.”

Mother: “Dear, we talk about a lot of things. Which thing are you hovering over now?”

Daughter: “You know. The one where he makes me feel like the last cupcake in the box?”

Mother: “Oh right, right. Whew! The gin had me a bit foggy there for a minute. I’ll handle this.” She turns her head. “Darling?”

Father Darling, near right: “….”

Please pop over to Brians to view his Blogs.

If you want YOUR site promoted FREE , email me here and I will endeavour to post your blog.

Blog/Website Promotions

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Blog/Web Promotions.(GP Cox )

GP Cox .

Dear friends.
Sometimes you stumble upon a brilliant Blog, and Today I would like to share one of my fellow Bloggers Blog, GP. COX.
As you probably guessed GP posts about the Military, his Blog is interesting and well worth a visit.
Here is a small sample of his work.


When Ben Reise went to enlist in the military in 1942 during World War II, his future wife, Ruth Fern Gibb, went with him. The two had grown up together in Chicago, meeting in grammar school.

Ben Reise tried to enlist in the Navy, but they told him that he was too short at 5 feet, 4 inches, Ruth Reise said. Next, he went to the Army, which “took him right away.”

At the same time, Ben enlisted, Ruth was also offered a job. Her height – 5 feet even – made her the perfect size to climb into aeroplane gas tanks to secure the rivets. Soon after, she began working at the Douglas Aircraft manufacturing plant, on the site where O’Hare International Airport is today.

From 1942 to 1945, Douglas manufactured 655 C-54 Skymasters, a military transport aircraft, at the Chicago plant. A photo from the Chicago Tribune’s archive shows that the opening of the gas tank on the C-54 was just 13 inches tall and nine inches wide.

“I told [the recruiters], ‘I don’t have any claustrophobia so that will be fine,’” Ruth Reise, now 92, said.

Please support our fellow Bloggers and visit them.
Have a nice day..


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Blog/Web Promotions.(The Bloggers Blotter.)

The Bloggers Blotter.

I am starting my new promotional page with a dear friend of mine.

Mary has been writing for many Years, her poetry won her awards when she was a part of BWOP.

Please visit Mary and give her your support.


A sample of Mary’s work.

The Rape of the Condom

The hour was late

.If ONLY he was asleep – not awake.

It lay there, helpless…unfolded, draped

He took that condom and left a tear that GAPED

Yes! It is true –That condom HAD been raped!!!!

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Blog/Web Promotions.(Lake and Brown Roofing)

Lake and Brown Roofing.

Dear friends. Today I would like to promote this friendly business, called LAKE AND BROWN ROOFING.

Please visit the website if you have any problems with your roof, fast friendly service.

Please visit the website here for any quotes or work required.


Lake and Brown Roofing are a traditional family-run roofing company, which has been successfully trading for over 20 years, based in the rural town of Godalming.

We pride ourselves on hard work and quality workmanship.

Please view our website and if you would like a free estimate do not hesitate to pick up the phone or email us to make an appointment.

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Blog/Web Promotions .(Michel Sulpin)

Michel Sulpin.


Le moyen historique de faire le lien patronymique entre SULPICIUS et SULPINUS – SULPIN Benedict XIII is an anti pope of Avignon: the Aragonese Pedro de Luna is named
Pope September 23, 1394.
The Diocese Bazas dependent on French recognized the Pope of Avignon! Several
Bishops are appointed to the obedience of Avignon, among others: Peter SULPIN 1397
To 1417. He ran his diocese with catchy be generated by John Herrenco, his

counterpart appointed by Rome after that left him alone Bazas caring more about
Vatican City.

¨ Pierre had important contacts in councils. The King of France: Charles VI Valois
“Thank you for penalties and the work he had had affairs of the diocese of Bazas” the King sick
psychomaniaco depression had to leave his uncles to resume Regency … and Roy
Henry IV of England Lancaster son of John of Gaunt Duke of Aquitaine and February 1 mars 1390
And thus claiming the throne of France.
“Peter is brother Sulpin Minor in the convent of Toulouse. He inherited a fund of Books,
known for his science, he founded the University of Toulouse a College that was the name of
St. FLOUR which he was born.

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