My Poetry. Mans best friend.

When your down 
they give you their love
Heaven sent
From the Angels above.

When your tired
they bring you to life
make you smile
From all the strife.
Love to walk
and take in air
sniffing bushes
Chase bikes
because they have wheels
sniff dogs bums
And love to eat meals.
Be your hot water bottle
when winter is here
when strangers call
They show them no fear.
All they want
at the end of the day
is unending love
in every way.

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My Poetry. Demons in my mind!

Living in fear 
So what's new today 
at war with emotions
 For me, it will stay.
Darkened hours all day never any light
battle the demons
Lose the fight.
Who are these people
free in my head giving me terror
Wishing me dead?
Medication stems it
but only for a while
the language atrocious
Deadly and vile.
Do it he says
a hundred times a day
never giving me peace
It is all he can say.
What is with this torment
give me a break
this is for real
no, it's not fake.
Never the sunshine
like a moth to light
they want to overcome me
Constantly fight.
The only peace you will get
is when it finally ends
then the torment finally over
at least it all depends.
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My Poetry. War of the World.

Women, children scrap for food 
in desolate craters of land
waste ground for miles, havoc everywhere
it's getting out of hand.
Are we so stupid we all want war?
why do we have to fight?
weapons of mass destruction loom
no peace or harmony in sight.
Is our planet doomed to mass destruction
as the fighting never ends
everyday is nearer the time
that everyone openly defends.
Tyrants kill and never see reason
for their own greedy satisfaction
while the people die or live in fear

societies must take action.
Democracy has to live and feed
on the people it represents
or chaos will loom for every man
for the powers to be content.
Will we ever see that fateful day
when the World will be as one
to wake each day in harmony
to the same bright beautiful sun.
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My Poetry. Alzheimers.

I visit you regularly
your still my mam
your memory is faltering
You think I am Pam.

Your hair has turned Grey
you look somewhat older
the staff are so clinical
business-like, cold shoulder
You remember the times
when you were a child
but the present escapes you
And it drives you wild.
The outside is strange
you cry when your out
you’re constantly on medication
What’s this all about?
Bedtime is a nightmare
your mind wanders on
you can’t remember your kids
From Jack to Dawn!
Your Grandkids miss you
especially your smile

always asking for you
Every once in a while.
You are still loved and cherished
by family and friends
and will be forever
Till the pain finally ends!

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Scottish Battles. Carberry Hill.

The Battle of Carberry Hill took place on 15 June 1567, near Musselburgh, East Lothian, a few miles east of Edinburgh, Scotland. A number of Scottish lords objected to the rule of Mary, Queen of Scots after she had married the Earl of Bothwell, who was widely believed to have murdered her previous husband Lord Darnley. The Lords were intent to avenge Darnley’s death. However, Bothwell escaped from the stand-off at Carberry while Queen Mary surrendered. Mary abdicated, escaped from prison, and was defeated at the battle of Langside. She went to exile in England while her supporters continued a civil war in Scotland. The conflict

Carberry Hill

In May 1567 Queen Mary of Scotland married James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell. Many of the Queen’s allies who previously supported her including Maitland, Morton, Balfour, and Murray of Tullibardine disapproved of this and chose to oppose her. Many of the same Lords who claimed disapproval in June, had signed the Ainslie Tavern Bond only two months earlier in April, pledging support for the marriage. In April, Bothwell, along with several others, had been accused of Lord Darnley’s murder. Bothwell was acquitted of the charge. His chief prosecutor, Lord Darnley’s father, the Earl of Lennox, failed to appear at the trial despite multiple summons.

His 3000 troops were turned back when confronted by the Duke, Lord Bothwell’s 4000 and then Lennox chose not to appear. Scottish law of the time prohibited an accuser from bringing armed troops to trial. Many Scottish nobles disputed the trial verdict, and James Murray, brother of the Laird of Tullibardine offered to duel with Bothwell or prove the guilt of the King’s murder on Bothwell’s henchmen.[1] Despite this very public dissent, Mary made Bothwell the Duke of Orkney and Marquis of Fife on 12 May 1567, then married him three days later. On 11 June 1567 Bothwell’s enemies assembled in armour in Edinburgh, with a printed proclamation of their intention to deliver the Queen and revenge the King’s murder and preserve the Prince. Stand-off at Carberry Hill

With only the support of the Hamiltons Queen Mary and Bothwell left Fa’side Castle on the morning of 15 June 1567 and took position on the nearby field of battle at Carberry Hill against her enemies, the rebel Confederate Lords. Mary’s army, according to John Knox, took their position at Carberry Hill in an entrenchment made by the English for the Battle of Pinkie twenty years before. They were armed with cannon and pole-arms brought from Dunbar Castle. According to a letter sent to the Archbishop of Glasgow, the Queen had 200 “hagbutters” commanded by Captains Alexander Stewart and Hew Lauder of her royal guard. Seven or eight cannon were brought from Dunbar Castle to defend the Queen’s position at the “auld fort” by Fawside Castle. Bothwell’s men had also brought 300 pikes from the armoury at Dunbar.

After the surrender these weapons were captured and dispersed, and in September 1567 the Scottish Privy Council wrote to the villages around Carberry asking for their return. The Confederate Lords approached from Musselburgh with an army of equal force. David Calderwood wrote they were 2,000 but with only a few “harquebusiers” who were volunteers from Edinburgh. Knox, with local knowledge, wrote that they rounded the hill to get an easier ascent and make an approach from Carberry village without the sun in their eyes. At first during this manoeuvre Mary’s army thought the Confederate Lords were bypassing them and fleeing to Dalkeith. The stand-off lasted from 11 o’clock in the morning till 5 o’clock in the afternoon. With the armies marshalled against each other, the French ambassador tried to negotiate, and received from the Earl of Morton his firm resolution to fight against the murderer of Lord Darnley.

Bothwell’s first action was to fire his cannon at cavalry ‘prickers’ who tried to draw the Queen’s party out to fight. Queen Mary’s supporters carried the banner of the Lion of Scotland; the rebel Lords’ banner replicated the murder scene showing Darnley dead under a tree with the infant James VI, with the motto, “Judge and Revenge my cause, O Lord.” This banner had been flown as a flag at Edinburgh castle. Bothwell offered single combat to any of the Confederate Lords. William Kirkcaldy accepted the challenge, but Bothwell would not fight him as he was merely a baron. He also refused Murray of Tullibardine, and then Lord Lindsay. It was hot and Queen Mary’s supporters had nothing to drink.  The day dragged on. Two of Bothwell’s supporters, Edmund Blackadder and the laird of Wedderburn, understanding that Bothwell was intending to leave, made their apologies to the Queen and rode away. In response to an oath made by the rebel Lords, Queen Mary agreed to surrender to Kirkcaldy. He led her horse by the bridle down from the hill.[13] while Bothwell rode off to Dunbar Castle with 25 horsemen.

A drawing of the battlefield sent to London with a newsletter survives and gives a schematic idea of the events. When William Drury, Marshall of Berwick sent a drawing of the Confederate Lord’s banner and the plan to London, he added this postscript:”The Queen’s apparel in the field was after the fashion of the women of Edinburgh, in a red petticoat, sleeves tied with points a “partlyte,” a velvet hat and muffler. She used great persuasions and encouragements to her people to have tried it by battle. For welcome, the Lords showed her the banner with the dead body, which seeing they say that she wished she had never seen him. The banner was hanged out before her window at the Provost’s house (in Edinburgh), wherewith she seemed much offended. George Buchanan wrote that Mary surrendered “dressed only in a short shabby robe, that scarcely reached below her knee. “Mary had left her more elaborate outfit in a chest at Fawside Castle: a black dress is sewn with grains of the jet, a crimson coat and cloak, and her gold and silver embroidered hat.
Queen and King’s men

According to the later chronicle called The Historie of James the Sext, Queen Mary’s supporters at Carberry were George Seton, 7th Lord Seton, Lord Hay of Yester, Lord Borthwick, John Cockburn of Ormiston, Home of Wedderburn, Blackadder of Tulliallan, and Cockburn of Langtoun. The Confederate Lords included the Regent Morton, John Erskine, Earl of Mar, Alexander Cunningham, 5th Earl of Glencairn, the Lords Lindsay, William Ruthven, 1st Earl of Cowrie, Alexander Home, 5th Lord Home, Lord Sempill, Lord Sanquhar, and the lairds Murray of Tullibardine, Douglas of Drumlanrig, Kirkcaldy of Grange and all their horsemen and foot soldiers. Aftermath

The rebel Lords took Queen Mary to Edinburgh and then, betraying their oath at Carberry Hill, imprisoned her in Lochleven Castle, near Kinross, where her keeper was Sir William Douglas, half brother to James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray. William Kirkcaldy was infuriated at the rebel Lord’s betrayal of the oath, which he had represented to her in good faith. According to George Buchanan, the spy Ninian Cockburn raced to the French court with news of Mary’s capture.

On the way, he overtook her ambassador, William Chisholm, Bishop of Dunblane, who was ignorant of Mary’s defeat and upstaged him in front of Charles IX of France and Catherine de Medici. Queen Mary remained in prison for eleven months while accusations continued by the Lords who deposed her at Carberry Hill. Bothwell obtained a ship and first went to Shetland, and evaded William Kirkcaldy whose ship the Lion ran aground. Then he crossed the sea to Norway, captivity and madness. Mary escaped from Lochleven and made for Dumbarton Castle in the west of Scotland. She was drawn into battle at Langside and defeated. Mary sought safety in England, became a closely watched captive, and was executed in 1587. In Scotland, her supporters continued a civil war for the next five years.

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My Poetry. A Picture of you.

I found a picture of you 
from my younger days 
your eyes lit the room 
In beautiful ways. 
The past is the past 
but it's hard to forget 
memories come flooding 
Not just for me I bet.. 
You went away
no looking back
left me a letter
While you chose to pack.
The days were long
nights without sleep
knowing your love
Cut me so deep.
The way you left
hurt me so bad
tattered and torn
Utterly sad.
But that was the day
a long time ago
we both have moved on
it lightened the blow.
But I still hold you fondly
in my memories of the past
and our friendship will blossom
Grow and last.
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Scottish Battle of Ancrum Moor.

Hey folks yet another battle fought in Scotland. In the period following the battle of Flodden (1513) an uneasy truce existed between Scotland and England, but in 1542 the tensions once more erupted into open conflict. Following its Reformation in 1534, England stood independent of Catholic Europe. In response, Pope Paul III sought an alliance between Scotland, France and the Holy Roman Empire against England.

After a failed negotiation with the Scottish king, in October 1542 Henry VIII sent an English army some 20,000 into Scotland, where they burnt Kelso and Roxburgh. In reply, James V of Scotland raised an army of some 18,000 troops in the west and headed for Carlisle, but was defeated in November at Solway Moss by a much smaller English force. After the death of James V, Henry aimed to unify the two kingdoms by seeking the marriage of the one-year-old Scottish Queen Mary to his own son, Prince Edward. When his proposals failed he pursued the matter through force of arms – the so-called ‘rough wooing’.

As part of this campaign, in February 1545 two of Henry’s northern commanders, Euer and Laiton, again crossed the border, this time with some 5000 troops. The army plundered Melrose town and abbey, then returned towards Jedburgh. In response, the Earl of Angus raised local forces. At first, outnumbered, he manoeuvred but would not engage the invaders. Once joined by other forces, including the Earl of Aran, he had more than 1200 troops. The Scots now considered their army strong enough to act and at Ancrum Moor, they totally defeated the far larger English army.


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My Poetry. The only way they know!

Born to a World of hate 
guns and knives the way 
nothing to look forward to 
Except horror every day. 
Ethnic groups everywhere 
fighting for their right 
looking after their families 
every day and night 
Days and nights we live in fear 
wondering when it will come 
this isn't a dream or fairy-tale 
Fighting for a crumb. 
Children nearly as young as five
carrying weapons to kill
no teachers to teach them civility
craving for blood to spill.
Parents in jail or not around
no one to discipline the young
left in a world of commotion it appears
Whistling the tune as its sung.
What is the answer?
No one seems to know or care
just statistics to quote in the news
As hatred grows in every child.
Fighting off physical abuse.
Safe in our own little domain
forgetting reality in the streets
Carnage and disdain every day.
You don't get a tab or receipt.
Today's youth, neglected each day
brushed under the carpet "oh well"
never having a say in this life
Just living a nightmare in hell.
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My Poetry. Children of War.

Taught in a World of hate 
Guns and weapons as tools 
Frightened to say no 
By the adult and the fools. 
Learn to fight at an early age 
Kill or maim your prey 
the only way to survive 
on a dangerous new day. 
Looking for victims
Don’t care of their age
Just kill kill kill
In a fit of rage.
What is your reward
For killing a man?
You have earned the place
Your the number one fan.
Leaving more children
without their kin
A notch on the rifle
a life in the bin.
When will it ever end
Someday you will meet your match
The only thing you know in life
Are killings and plans to hatch. 
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My Poetry. Opposites.

You love, you hate
your up, your down
your in, your out
You smile, you frown.
You laugh, you cry
you see, your blind
you eat, you starve
you lose, you find.

You scream, your mute
you come, or go
your happy, your sad
You die or grow.
You like, you loathe
your free, your in chains
you think, you imagine
You use your brains.
you promote, you ignore
you get up, you fall down
you keep a poker face
you float, or you drown.
you smile, you frown
you give, you take
your either a real person
or merely a fake.
you rise, you fall
you war, or like peace
you enter, you leave
you start, or you cease.
you swim, or you sink
you walk, you run
you are either serious
or prefer to have fun.

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My Poetry. A Walk in the Park.

Trees of beauty growing wild 
a family in the sun with a little child 
weather fabulous lovely and mild 
Bushes trimmed and beautifully styled. 
Dogs of all sizes chasing balls 
the fun fair is out, with candy floss stalls 
Green keeper busy, doing his rounds 
fish-ponds cloudy, bubbling sounds. 
A blissful place on a beautiful day 
the smell of cut grass, the aroma will stay
picnics everywhere, buzzing bees
waving them off towards the trees
blankets full of tasty delights
Dad and son playing toy fights.
Couples hugging, kids in pools
workers present using their tools.
Beautiful land full of green
It has to be appreciated, has to be seen.
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My Poetry. Miss Nobody.

 She walks the streets of London . 
 her hair is matted and dry 
 a face yellow and jaundiced 
 She's forgotten how to cry. 
 No one dares approach her 
 She scowls and roars like a bear 
 This is her defence for survival 
 All she can do is "swear".
 Begging at street corners 
 trying to survive each day
 no one ever talks to her
 There's nothing they want to say.
 She walks all day, sleeps at night
 One eye open most of the time
 Does this girl deserve this life?
 Before she reaches her prime.
 An existence going sadly unnoticed
 Everyone would pass her in disgust
 How could anyone live this way?
 In the depths of despair, she was thrust..
 Labeled without even knowing her
 Assumptions made by the way she appears
 Maybe the reason she lives this way
 Is recognizable with floods of tears.?
 No one bothers, no one cares
 as she ploughs on with her life
 no kind word, no self-respect
 just trouble, pain, and strife
 An occasional person stop to talk
 muttering under her breath
 too scared, to acknowledge the kindness
 All she thinks of is "when will be death."
 How can we allow this to happen
 to a human who is plunged into fear
 she must be someone's little girl
 Someone who was held dear.
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My Poetry. Living on the Breadline!.

These days we often worry 
whether we can eat or starve 
bills and debts piling up 
No holiday to the Algarve. 
Food banks loom, it's a God send 
when nothing is left to eat 
While the rich get fatter of this land 
The poor are battered and beat. 
As! We try to rob Peter to pay Paul
Nowadays bills come first
Children are going hungry
From when they are very small.
Governments screw the poor
taxes have to be paid
the rich get richer, the poor hemmed down
Under the breadline they have made.
Hard working families deteriorate
luxuries non-existent or rare
children do not understand
Why the table is often bare.
As the Years come and slowly go
We wonder will things get better?
Prices rise, money is tight
The World of the fated debt letter.
Jobs are scarce in impoverished Towns
benefits are into reform
but the hardest hit are the working class
They suffer, it's the norm.
What is left for our Children's future?
When little or no work is around
even for the highly educated
In menial jobs are bound.
We have to live in hope
be positive every day
you get your say at voting time
But do we get our way?.
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My Poetry. The Pain we bear!

Silence in the room 
is what you require 
your head is spinning 
You start to perspire. 
Alone in the dark 
the pain is intense 
nothing is helping 
Spare no expense. 
Feeling sick
you cannot relax
round in circles
Migraine at max.
Certain foods you eat
can make it worse
this horror in your body
A satanic curse.
You cannot see anyone
you need to be alone
the slightest noise
Even the phone.
Eventually the pain
starts to depreciate
you can face the light
From the window grate.
You can cope with pain
but migraines are severe
you cannot do anything
But await it with fear.
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My Poetry. The way of the Witch.

Darkness falls upon the village 
were birds don't sing any more
except the odd owl hooting 
And the shriek of the wild boar.
The last person lived till ninety-four
the rest died before they were twenty
caused by a witch burned to the stake
In revenge, she killed a plenty.
Who was this woman? Why was she killed?
Only a few had known
they say she practised witchcraft by night
and her reputation had grown.
She lived alone with her cat
he was as black as night itself
into the dark witching hours
You could hear the devil himself.
Smoke burns from the chimney stack
beautiful, colourful lights
to the naked eye one could see
figures floating most nights.
Tall figures, short figures animal like
were born from the color of gold
hardly a soul lived to tell
how the story itself would unfold.
What were those figures why were they here?
only the witch was carefully informed
all that was known that each new night
figures were hideous and malformed.
Disappearing speedily into the night
no one knew were they would go
or the purpose of their timely birth
no light could anyone throw.
All of a sudden an angry crowd gathered
to catch the witch in the act
wilfully accused of black magic they say
it was a matter of fact.
At 10.35 on a chilly day
the witch paid the price with her life
the black cat let out an eerie squeak
the atmosphere could be cut with a knife.
To this day the smoke appears
even though the house is decayed
if you look very closely into the smoke
the figures still appear BE AFRAID!

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Scotland and its History. Culture.

Scotland has been handing down its traditions for close to a thousand years now, since the earliest days of the clans in the 12th century. However, Scottish traditions are not something sterile under glass and steel in a cold museum. They are vibrant, living things, constantly growing and evolving, and every generation adds the thumbprint of its own particular Scottish culture to the whole.


Take, for example, the 60 Highland Games that still take place all across Scotland annually – those are a uniquely Scottish mix of culture, sports, music, and community.

Bagpipes, haggis, and kilts

Everybody knows the cliché of the piper on the shortbread tin. But have you experienced the breath-taking reality of a hundred pipers Skirling in uplifting unison? This isn’t an image from Scotland’s cultural past: it happens every August at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and on Glasgow Green.
Or take food, for example. We all know the stereotypical notions of traditional Scottish fare – haggis, porridge, and whiskey. Not any more. Scotland’s new elite of super-chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Nick Nairn and Andrew Fairlie is taking the country’s incredible natural produce – our beef, venison and seafood – and elevating them to Michelin starred levels.
Or that the kilt is making a comeback on the catwalk as designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and Glasgow’s own Jonathan Saunders take traditional Scottish dress to places the clan chiefs never dreamed of.

Burns an a’ that

The traditional Burns Supper, Hogmanay and St Andrews Day celebrations are still very much a part of Scottish culture but the Scots are now joined on these special days by Scots at heart across the globe. “Auld Lang Syne”, a traditional Scottish song first written down by Burns, is the second most popular song in the world after “Happy Birthday”.

Scotland’s Heroes & Heroines

Scotland’s culture has been shaped by a long tradition of strong-willed and influential characters. View our gallery to find out more about these important Scottish figures.

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My Poetry. Manchester United!

Manchester we cry for you 
we mourn your terrible loss
no reason why you died
It's no wonder you are cross.
Children as young as eight
lost their lives that night
it's hard to imagine this is real
We know it is not right.
Mothers, sisters fathers, and sons
struck on that fateful day
The families mourn their loss
As everyone kneels to pray.
The senseless murder of human beings

By a faction with evil intent.
The horror they cause is nothing short
Of ending lives unspent.
We know you all will carry on
and will not let the terrorists win
the treacherous bomber will go to hell
And suffer for his sin.
The people who lost their lives
will always be on our mind
the fathers and the mothers
The innocent and kind.
We hope you are now happy
in a paradise we know is real
a place where you will be appreciated
To love and openly feel.
Manchester we are with you
as you go about your day
terrorism will never beat you
As in our hearts, you will stay.
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My Poetry. Remembrance.

It's the outbreak of War 
humanity is scared
a time for hurt
no one prepared.
Marching Soldiers
Machines that kill
fired upon people
shooting at will.
Races wiped out
at the click of a gun
tears and sadness
under the sun.
An army of hate
towards our fellow man
they try to hide
and the children ran.
Soldiers on orders
killing all ages
rifles at the ready
names on the pages.
Never forget
the millions who died
killed because of race
the fascists had lied.

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Scotland and its History. The People.

Hello friends, this is a piece of information regarding Scottish people. The Scots are well known for being nice, pleasant, and friendly Scottish people have a worldwide reputation for warmth and friendliness. Whether it’s the millions of visitors who travel to Scotland every year or the thousands who come to live permanently, so many talks of genuine friendliness and welcoming hospitality. Did you know that almost three-quarters of European visitors say that one of the main reasons for visiting Scotland is its people? Everyday friendliness.

Scots love people – and they like to make others feel at home. You’ll find an enthusiastic friendliness in so many places. Ask a stranger for directions, buy something in a local shop, eat or drink in a pub or restaurant or put on the kettle in your workplace kitchen and you’ll be met with a smiling face and a friendly “Let me help”, “Tell me more about yourself” or “How are you?”

Culture and identity Scottish people are proud of their nationality, but they also have a long tradition of welcoming new people and cultures. Historically, Scotland has appreciated the benefits of embracing different cultures. Today, Scotland is a richly diverse country with dozens of different cultures living in harmony. Tolerance, equality of opportunity and social justice are important principles of Scottish people and communities.

We love a party.

Scotland knows how to party – and extends an invitation to all. From large Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) street parties and music and film festivals to more intimate Burns’ Suppers and St Andrew’s Day celebrations, there is always a fun event to attend. Getting together, sharing good times, ‘having a blether’ and welcoming others with open arms give Scotland its reputation for being a happy and friendly country. Really, it’s no wonder that 50 million people around the world claim Scottish ancestry – and so many want to be a part of our Scottish family. In this section, you’ll find all the facts about Scotland you need to know, including information about the Scottish population, their language as well as famous Scottish people.

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My Poetry. Torn.

I cannot live like this for long 
not being able to have my own child 
I often dream of what might be 
If I had not been so wild. 
The opportunity came for me 
I couldn't resist this chance 
perhaps this would be the end of me 
a phase, a passing glance. 
Erika was the only life I had known
I couldn't forgive what I had done
her parents desperately frantic
I had to cut and run.
Five years passed Erika now 12
never knew who she really was
I was the only mum she knew
The woman she proudly applauded.
I would have to die with this secret
it tainted me day and night
the pain I amassed from this nightmare
Knowing it was always in sight.
The Police were all over my home 
her father, bewildered in shock
What was happening to my family?
The open door was now going to lock
I did not care for her moms feelings
I was only interested in me
I knew my life would be happy
It's all I imagined it to be.
But now I am alone with my thoughts
in a room filled with bars
I never imagined just how they would feel
Coping with emotional scars.
Erika is now a young lady
living with her real mom and dad
And do I feel ashamed of my crime?
For a while I did not, I was glad.
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My Poetry. To Die, and Live again.

Delicate flowers
swaying freely
amid a windy backdrop
Slight protection. 
Behind a broken wall
being saved by stone
sunshine opening buds
swollen by the heat
desperate to bloom
petals still strong
Newly formed.
Morning dew evident
now splattered on the wall
flowers now grouped
feeling stronger in numbers
wind dying down
aroma in the air
flowers now still
content, happy
closing for the night
ready to face
Another day.
Birds pecking at petals
bees buzzing around pollen
flowers dying down
turning brown
determined to grow again
seeds carried for miles
by hungry birds
or blown by the wind
landing in another place
sheltered, protected
Spring comes again
flowers now in growth
spreading more joy
cascading colours
beauty beyond scope
in an empty space
now filled with brightness
Admired by passers-by.
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My Poetry. Night out.

Does my bum look big 
In this here dress? 
Is my hair OK 
Or is it a mess? 
What time are we due 
At the restaurant tonight? 
You booked it for seven? 
That wasn't too bright! 
Only four hours to go 
to do my face 
shave my legs
I look a disgrace.
The taxi is here
still need to get dressed
this isn't a fun night
I feel so stressed.
Finally, on our way
I need a stiff drink
The meal was delicious
honey don't you think?
let's start for home
What a fantastic night.
no time for hostility
or even a fight.
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My Poetry. Your Touch.

Your touch is like silk on my body  
feelings I have are of love
your lips taste of golden honey
You fit my hand like a glove.

When morning appears you are beautiful
your eyes are like diamonds in the dark
your personality shines like a torch
Bright and alert as a lark.
Darling your my salvation
destiny brought you my way
each morning I awaken with you
Is a brand new exciting day.

Our love is like a steam train
never stopping for man or beast
without you my World is empty
I'm hungry and need you to feast
Be in my life forever
and always say I love you
you have my undying friendship
How can I ever be blue.

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My Poetry. The Barge.

Icy cold winds 
batter the sides
the boat is trembling
As the barge collides.
It's our watery home
we have known no other
never settled on land
Never needed to bother.
Living is simple
making a bob or two
gliding on canals
With our son and crew.
Fuel increases
but we sail away
our home on the water
Gets better each day.
Transporting goods
from place to place
tons of room
Loads of space.
We wouldn't change
this way of living
free of stress
And so much giving.
The barge is our sanctuary
may she live on
when buildings and land
Have eventually gone.
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My Poetry. The Lifeboat.

The waves dashed fiercely 
bodies tossed side by side 
all alone a vessel 
struggling to glide. 
Thirteen souls afloat 
in a wooden sanctuary 
not knowing were it was going 
no one knew if it was night or day. 
No food or supplies had been saved
just people in a trance
from the old to the young
thrown together in circumstance.
The ship had sunk days ago
the lifeboats went down bar one
only one remained intact
Floating in the blazing sun.
One man had taken charge
as excitement dulled common sense
the female passengers crying
No one coming to their defence.
He tried to gather order
as screams of terror flew
this was in desperation
From a terrified motley crew.
Injured people holding wounds
crying with pain
others tried to comfort them
Battered by the rain.
For many days they travelled
praying they would sight land
patience and good fortune
was getting out of hand.
Out of all the ships passengers
only thirteen would survive
starving and half-dead
Lucky to be alive.
Eventually, land had been sighted
for some, they would never forget
never taking anything for granted
No sadness or regret.
The lifeboat now stood lonely
it had saved so many lives
fathers, sons, and daughters
Husbands sisters and wives.
The moral of this story
is work hard as a team
survival is for the fittest
it isn't just a dream.
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My Poetry. Anti Social Behaviour.

Muggings rife ,old folks scared   
murder is common, issues flared
alcohol rampant, drugs abused,
jails full of people guilty, accused.
Shopkeepers terrified, windows barred
faces all torn ,ripped, or scarred
children hanging around Town all night
Confronting  people causing a fight.
Young girls drinking causing a fuss
language rife when on the bus
little kids learning this is the way
Adults all tutting but nothing to say.
Anti-social behaviour alive in our day
people are nervous scared of the way
Police overstretched, taxes are high
Does anyone care? Except you and me?
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My Short Stories. The Bigot.

Jack was over the moon, for the first time since following them he was very soon to meet his idols, a pop group he had followed since ten Years old. He idolized them to a point every poster in his bedroom was the pop group, none of his wall covering was visible, and between that and the figures, he collected it looked like a shrine.
Valerie his mum had been entering competitions for two years, she was determined she would help Jack get his wish come true and as TV programmes like Jim’ll fix it did not exist now she had to opt for entering competitions spending fortunes on magazines and papers and also buy food products the family didn’t even like, all for her son Jack.
Jack was now sixteen years of age, born with Cerebral Palsy he was wheelchair-bound, despite this he was able to communicate and knew exactly what he wanted from life.

His mum and dad taught Jack all the values he needed, he was a credit to both of them as he surpassed many pupils in his class, his reports from school were always exceptional as well as his attendance, his disability did not affect his eagerness to thrive. Jack wasn’t the only child in the family, he had an older brother called David, David was twenty- three Years old Valerie and her husband decided to have a gap in their family additions they did long for a girl but were delighted having two sons. His brother David acted the part of big brother, taking Jack to football, the movies, long walks, and fishing, they did everything together when David lived at home. David did very well at school and had his own IT business, he worked from home and had a huge client list, visiting their premises and advising of all the major products and services they would need to succeed in business, yes he was to be proud of and Valerie was proud of her older son. All went well within the family unit, dad worked away on the oil rigs, only getting two weeks off every four, Valerie managed to cope with Jack with the assistance of David, luckily because he worked from home David was able to drive Jack to school and pick him up after so the whole scenario worked out perfectly. With David’s support Valerie could do her chores and prepare the meals daily, she often thanked David for his support, he usually turned red shrugged his shoulders and replied, “that’s what I am here for mum” Valerie usually gave him a huge hug just to let him know he was loved and appreciated, David usually ran off.

From time to time David had to go away on business when this happened Valerie could rely on the school to come to pick Jack up as they were lucky to have a donated specialized van for picking up children with disabilities so every option was always covered. David was staying overnight in London, Valerie made a mental note to contact the school before it closed to organize Jacks lift in the morning because she had so much on her mind she wrote it down on the magnetized note board on the fridge. When David was away the house was quiet, Jack would be in his bedroom either listening to his favorite pop group or watching TV, so Valerie could get on with the usual chores, in the evening she usually sat doing a puzzle having a glass of wine but this particular evening she was melancholy and thought back to the time Jack was born. No one had any idea Jack was going to be born with his disease, all checks came back negative, Valerie recalls having a real bad time having Jack compared to David’s birth but put it down to them being never the same.

John luckily was at home when they were rushed to the hospital, Valerie was in tremendous pain and grabbed Johns cuff hoping that this would relieve the pain, no time for any drugs as the trip lasted several minutes again she was rushed to the delivery room, doctors piled in as did the nurses, it was like a scene from a tragic accident rather than a woman giving birth to a child. Standard procedure, she heard a nurse say with a mask over her face, the doctors got prepared for the delivery, by this time Valerie was climbing the walls, dying to push but being told not yet in a harsh but advisable way from the nurse towering over her, Valerie just wanted it to end, and within minutes it was, Jack was rushed to the baby ward as he had difficulty breathing, the nurse looked down at Valerie and again muttered “standard procedure” not very comforting when your baby is rushed away at ninety miles an hour!

Three days later Valerie got to hug her baby, John had tears in his eyes, he was quite a sensitive man, one of the reasons Valerie fell in love with him way back then, a few minutes ago she would have denied all knowledge of John but that was the pain. After Valerie bonded with her baby, she was visited by a doctor still masked, he must have been at another delivery coming directly from there as Valerie noticed the smell of the same chemical visible at her visit to the delivery room. His face was ashen, he looked tired, Valerie knew there and then call it Mothers instinct she knew something wasn’t right. The Doctor closed the curtains and gathered John into the conversation like a shepherd leading his flock. He had them afraid there is bad news expression on his face, Valerie knew this as she too was a practice nurse fully trained and still worked part- time when she could fit it in with Jack, she was in the same position as the Doctor many times, so she could relate to the scene John was more perplexed than Valerie when the Doctor finally came out with his news, he paused so many times John was beginning to get agitated, having had no sleep and still being high from the birth of his son.

All you could see was John putting his head in his hands and Valerie kind of gobsmacked as they listened to what the Doctor had to say, an expression of how could this be possible ran over Valerie’s face John said nothing but did not surface from his hands. Valerie paused her thoughts to pour another glass of wine, it was as if her brain had stopped and reminded her it was relaxation time, therefore, a glass of wine was in order which Valerie was ready for. John took the news the hardest he spent about two hours questioning Doctors as to how this could have gone unnoticed, during scans, tests etc which Valerie attended faithfully throughout her pregnancy. All John was told that it was “an act of God” as nothing was ever detected during the pregnancy, John asked was it because he couldn’t breathe when he was born the Doctor did not discount this theory then tried to veer John to the positives.

John and Valerie accepted what they were given and although Jack had this disease they would still love and treat him as respectful as they did with David, John said “what’s the point going on about this when it will not change anything and from that day they never spoke of the why’s and wherefores again, At this point Valerie’s thoughts were interrupted by the telephone ringing, she wondered how long it had been ringing as Jack was shouting from his bedroom, “mum phone” Valerie came too and walked over to the phone, she felt a bit light-headed having had two glasses of wine, she wasn’t used to alcohol. She said hello to the caller, she felt she was slurring her speech but began to control, it once the conversation got into full swing. It was David calling from his hotel in London, strange thought Valerie he didn’t usually call, hope everything is OK, she prayed.” Hi, mum” David’s voice was excited, bouncy, he was usually but Valerie detected it was more than normal.I have met a beautiful girl he went on to say,

“Mum you will love her, her name is Rebecca” Valerie paused and David asked if she was ok? Valerie was still a bit giddy and did take a while to respond it wasn’t as if David never had girlfriends before, he was quite a handsome lad in fact so was Jack, Valerie got a bit big-headed and continued to listen. David told his mum he was bringing Rebecca back home with him to meet the family, Valerie paused then remembered his dad wasn’t due back for another week, she didn’t feel the need to tell David this as he knew his dad was still away, Valerie assumed he had taken this into consideration. After their goodbyes, Valerie hung up the receiver then went directly to Jacks room, it was time for his bed, she had to help him get ready a task Jack was never happy about as he was a growing lad and knew deep down it wasn’t right for his mum to undress him, David normally did it, Jack just swallowed his pride as it was only now and again this happened dad would normally be there as well.

Valerie spent time talking with Jack and at least now she had something to say instead of the usual small talk bearing in mind Jack usually turned off and concentrated more on keeping his respect intact. Jack listened this time strangely he had bouts of that and when Valerie got his attention she nurtured it. Usually, Jack was a bit down when mum told him anything but the news from David made him chirpy as he settled into bed reading his magazine. Knowing his brother was coming home tomorrow gave him another boost as he said goodnight to his mum, Valerie headed into the kitchen her mind racing with the thought of meeting someone new it always did. Next morning Valerie got Jack ready, this was Saturday, Jack loved a Saturday it was either football or fishing depended on how David was feeling he got a bit down knowing as David was just coming home he wouldn’t be going anywhere but at least David always brought him something home from his trips.

David called his mum from the airport saying they were on their way and to get the “kettle on” David always said that when he called knowing full well Valerie would do it and have something nice to eat as well. Valerie heard the clink of a car door closing, Jack was as high as a kite, it usually took her two days to calm him down after his brother returned Valerie giggled to herself. David crashed through the door like a man possessed, he was also as high as a kite, probably more nervous than his mum bringing his girlfriend back to meet his family. Behind David, a “leggy” girl dressed more like she was going to nightclub rather than visiting someone at home walked to the front with her hand out and a wry smile seeming as if it was forced for Davids benefit.”Hello my name is Rebecca” she smiled as she said it, Valerie took her hand and introduced herself, David was more interested in a brew than introductions and headed towards the kitchen like a starved animal. It was all ready, Valerie beckoned them to sit down, Jack was talking to Rebecca but wasn’t getting a response, she looked out of the window and mumbled something under her breath Jack couldn’t hear and got louder, Valerie interrupted them and repeated what Jack had said, but she wasn’t interested she just stared out of the window, oh yeah Valerie enraged how rude is she?

David went over to Jack and handed him a parcel, “hi mate” he screamed, “did you miss me”? Jack reached out to get a bear hug but Rebecca rudely stepped in front of them, Valerie got angrier by the minute, she was determined though she was going to try with this girl despite how she really felt deep down. She covered over David like a wet cloth, it was like something out of a sleazy mag, Valerie still tried to hold her patience as Rebecca started to talk about herself? Valerie sat quietly while she rambled on, about me me me. Every time Jack went to talk to David Rebecca would either sit on David’s lap or start a new conversation, did she have a problem? Before Valerie erupted David came out with a bombshell, “Mum” he said, Valerie continued sipping her tea, I have news he said, ready to burst, Valerie again took a sip of her tea and patiently awaited the news. David sat back on the leather sofa, Rebecca surrounded him like a rash, never once looking either Valerie or Jack in the eye, she only had an eye for David, Valerie convinced herself there, and then she didn’t like this girl but for the sake of her son, she would listen. Having only known each other for one day the news was David and Rebecca were getting married? Valerie nearly swallowed her cup, she thought someone would have to give her the Heinrich manoeuvrer it was that close.

The girl must have had magical powers, Valerie had never heard anything like it, but with the conversation, she listened to by Rebecca she instantly knew why. Rebecca was born into a very influential family, hence the rudeness Valerie thought to herself, she walked in “high circles” people like Valerie and Jack did not exist Valerie had this girl summed up in a sentence, “used to getting her own way” She knew celebrities and was used to the good life, money was no object she wanted it she got it, that’s the impression she gave Valerie. David agreed with everything Rebecca said, he sounded like a puppet, she moved her mouth and pulled his strings at the same time, it was unbelievable Valerie thought. David awaited an expression at least from his mum, Valerie was still choking as the news was indigestible, he asked her if she was alright she excused herself, went into the kitchen and turned the cold water tap on so forcefully she nearly pulled it off, David was at her back.

Surprisingly Rebecca sat where she was still staring out of the window while still ignoring Jack who by this time looked perplexed. Valerie didn’t know were to start, trying to keep calm she drank her cold water, David looked harassed and stood in front of his mum, “what’s up” he said? Valerie smiled sarcastically, she wanted to blow up but decided to be ladylike and continue her conversation, “don’t you like Rebecca” he said with some reservation in his voice.Valerie couldn’t believe her son, “what was to like” she replied? Awe mum you have to ignore her, she is always like this he said with a supporting tone, ” she is shy” by this time Valerie was again choking on her water,”shy” she burst out laughing and couldn’t stop, David looked disappointed at his mum who by now was ending herself with laughter. David stormed out of the house with Rebecca in tow, not once did they glance back for a response, they got into David’s car, the screech of the brakes could be heard for miles. Valerie’s laughter turned to tears as her son whom she loved dearly had been hypnotized by the “girl from hell” Jack noticed his mums tears and reached out to give her a hug, both of them were crying by now. John called home, he did on a daily basis, despite being away he liked to keep up with the news on the family front, this particular evening he detected sadness from Valerie and asked her what was the matter,”where do I start” she said knowing full well that although John was a terrific husband and Father he was laid back when it came to his sons, he allowed them to make heir own decisions as long as it didn’t affect him or Valerie, and as long as the decisions were legal. Valerie let everything off her chest, John uttered some words but allowed his wife to get everything out, he knew interrupting her would make her worse so over the years he learned to let her talk then when she paused long enough that was his queue to say his piece, Valerie knew what his response would be, but she still needed support, she missed her husband, missed his input, missed him around the home, missed cuddling him in bed, but she knew John was good at his job and was needed by his company, she supposed she was just feeling lonely.

As predicted John did not give the response she wanted, his attitude was David was a man and could make his own decisions, John was old-fashioned brought up in a large family, he left home when he was 19, married Valerie within six months, so he expected every guy should be the same, why should they look after their kids forever they had to leave the nest sometime, Valerie didn’t share his views but knew it would be no good stressing the point and changed the subject to everyday matters. Valerie had not heard from David for weeks, she stressed out at this because not only did she have Jack to support, but she missed her oldest son, selfishly she knew she needed David but being stubborn she tried to “make do” but with a struggle. Valerie struggled on, she always made sure Jack wasn’t aware of family disputes, there wasn’t many but when they did occur it was all out war, John had been home and away again, he wasn’t that concerned about David although he yours faithfully David and Rebecca. Valerie was shocked, how could they organize a wedding without the very fact his dad was working away and where was the mention of Jack? Valerie tried to call David’s mobile phone but the answering machine was on, she left a message for him to call her back, she was even more agitated than before.

All afternoon Valerie banged about the kitchen in a fury every thought being an angry one, she had expected better of her son, she never for one moment ever thought he would do this, she admitted this girl was good and thought out everything she was going to say to David when he called back later, but she was going to be calm, that was her mission, to be calm. By the time David called back she had calmed down a bit, not a lot as she was still angry, she had the braveness of a glass of wine behind her, so she felt able to compose herself but still have her say. David still sounded miffed, his tone was a disappointed little boy who never got sweets at the supermarket when mum had gone shopping. Valerie kept her calm as promised, she asked all the questions she had built up the whole afternoon waiting on her son calling back. The reason Jack could not attend the wedding was supposed because the Hotel was the reception was being held wasn’t user-friendly to wheelchairs, Valerie did not for one moment believe that, although she knew herself many places in Town were still in the stone ages when it came to adapting. As for his Fathers absence, David said he called his dad and was told to carry on, Valerie knew this probably was true, so she did not question it, she would have words with John when he called, she made another mental note.Valerie said she was apprehensive about attending the wedding without Jack or her husband, never did she go to any function without either one of them and that included David although it seems he had a short memory in this case.

David pleaded for her to go, he felt it was her place to be by his side when he got married, Valerie again mumbled under her breath “short memory” weeks ago he had charged out and never bothered to call, but now he was putting her on the spot. The following day Jack started asking where his brother was, he didn’t understand what was going on, his life was simple, he never even spoke to girls let alone have a relationship, although slyly going down the road he would glare at the pretty girls Valerie knew that expression and smiled when it happened. Jack was insistent when he got like this Valerie always knew it was best to explain, once he got something into his head he needed an answer, it was obvious he missed his brother and wondered why he wasn’t around. Valerie decided to tell him a small white lie, right now she did not need the confrontation she would get with him, luckily he accepted the story and settled down. The day of the wedding finally came, Valerie had a dress she had bought specially for the wedding also she bought a hat she had always fancied wearing a hat but wasn’t invited to any family weddings to wear one, now was her golden opportunity although she had wished it was a happier occasion, not that she didn’t want her son to be married but it was the way the whole thing was done, as if there was no tomorrow, Valerie thought to herself it would have been easy to swallow had they needed to get married, if she was in the family way, but knowing Rebecca it would be sometime before that happened and even then it would have to be in the fashion, this gave Valerie the need to giggle, and she did, but no one heard her. Jack was being looked after by the Fosters, aptly named, they lived next door and always loved having Jack, they thought he was a terrific boy, he always let on to them when either of them were in the garden or in Town, Jack would always wheel over to say hello, this made the Fosters happy as they could never have any children of their own, Valerie stopped, too long a story to go into, she had enough on her mind for now.

The car arrived on time to pick Valerie up, as expected it was the most expensive limousine she had ever seen in her life, luxury on wheels is how she always described them, secretly she wanted a ride but never thought she would in her lifetime, naturally with the Limo comes the chauffeur and yes he had a hat, so this completed the picture as he opened the door for Valerie who felt today she was a Queen for a moment the hostility left her but not for long as she started to get nervous meeting her side of the family, traditionally done way before the actual wedding but this was not a normal wedding where everyone got involved, well at least the Mother of the Groom. The driver went slow, Valerie admired the view and at times felt like sticking her hand out and waving to the crowds outside some shops they passed she felt like Royalty but decided against the hand thing.
She could see people but no one could see her as the Limo have tinted glass, it was like being in an interrogation room on one of those shows on TV where there was a two-way mirror, Valerie again smiled, this was great she thought. Valerie gulped as the driver stopped outside one of the plushest Hotels she had ever seen, despite the fact she and John lived comfortably they were never spoiled with the finer things in life except maybe when they got married and had their honeymoon in the Bahamas Valerie thought to herself, yes that was top-notch. After saying her goodbyes to the driver and trying to tip him she headed for the entrance to the Grand Hotel her face was reddish as she made a fool of herself trying to tip a driver who was probably paid one hundred times more than she offered him, but she wasn’t to know, this was all new to her, she got over it and was met in the entrance hall by another man in uniform.

Valerie felt the need to posh up her tone, foolishly she started to sound like the Queen and sounded rather silly, the uniformed man just looked at her as if she had just stepped out of a funny farm not an emotion of any kind entered his face. After introductions, she was directed to the main hall where the ceremony was taking place, no sign of David she thought, she started to get angry again he didn’t have the decency to meet his own mum at the entranceway Valerie was saddened but for peace decided to let it go, on entering the hall she thought to herself no wonder it was called the Grand Hotel it was like something out of a Charlotte Bronte novel, she gasped in awe at the décor and crafted ceilings they were beautiful and wrestled with the question of how old was this place? Again she was greeted by another Staff member this time a female, she was dressed like a proper maid in black and white, she was a pretty girl with bunned hair or it was formed that way to get her hat to sit on her head, her smile was beautiful, pearly white teeth, Valerie knew this girl looked after herself and either with or without makeup she was beautiful. The girl ushered Valerie to the front of the hall, the seating was formed just like a church, Valerie couldn’t help noticing how many seats there were, she tuned back to the wedding of Charles and Diana yes this was what this reminded her of, but surely the lovely Rebecca could have all these relatives? Well maybe she did, because one thing was for sure, none of David’s relatives were invited. Valerie wasn’t the only one there, the front row was full of people she had never met in her life, they looked stuffy and did not make any attempt to say hello or even make idle chit chat. Valerie contented herself that she was brought up to be polite and would let it go, for now.

The Hall was not full to the brim, with people standing both sides of the aisle, the staff also stood there with solemn faces except for the pretty girl she had a natural smile which beamed throughout the hall. At last the ceremony began, David walked down the aisle alone, he looked straight at Valerie and gave her a smile, five minutes later the music began, Valerie raised her eyes hoping no one would see her, she then put her attention back to David who had his back to the hall. The wedding march played loudly in the hall as the double doors opened, Rebecca and what must have been her Father entered the Hall and slowly walked down, she had a smile on her face which lasted until she got to Valerie she then her lowered her eyes as if she was disappointed she had turned up, secretly she was probably hoping she didn’t.
Rebecca’s father looked proud, he even looked the part of an eccentric gent, long handlebar moustache perfectly curled as if it had been stuck on with glue, maybe it was Valerie pondered and again smiled to herself. The ceremony went well, both of them turned around and walked out of the hall, David smiled at Valerie again as everyone got ready to leave the hall, before she left Valerie got out her digital camera and took a picture of the hall, she was in love with its elegance.

The reception had started, once all the formalities were over, Valerie was sat at David’s right at least she had her place, she thought maybe she would be asked to serve drinks or something, she was being inwardly sarcastic, never before had she seen so much money under one roof, everyone had bling that would sink the titanic, even the men she noticed! Valerie was finally introduced to Rebecca’s family but it wasn’t her who introduced them it was David “bitch” Valerie mumbled under her breath, she was quite astonished at herself, usually, she was placid and could stand those women who were bitches but the whole episode had riled her.
The family she was introduced to had dollar bills all over them, and they knew it, they spoke as if they had a marble in their mouth, thankfully the music began and most of them got up to dance except an elderly lady who must have been too old to get up, she looked fed up as if she was forced to do something she really didn’t want to, Valerie nodded at her but got no response just a glare, God she thought its like the Adams family “The reception was finally near the end, David had danced with Valerie three times, she was happy but still had a loathing for his new wife, she was reluctant to tell her daughter-in-law, she was determined not to call her that, she was lucky if she saw her more than twice at the reception which suited Valerie she did notice when she was dancing with David she glared at them both him with love, her with contempt.

David and his wife left the reception hall to cheers and confetti all over them, they were going to Jamaica for their honeymoon, how nice Valerie thought, news to her. All guests who attended the wedding were given a room for the night and that included Valerie, she left quietly and swiftly as she did not want to get involved with the other guests or Rebecca’s family, she had had enough of the snide glares for one day. The room was as glamorous as the rest of the building, Valerie sighed and flung herself on the expensive looking bed tossing her heels off as she jumped, shower in the morning or bath? She played with each idea and decided on a long soak she deserved it, she felt her eyes going, she was tired, drained would be the right word, but before she went to bed she needed to call and make sure Jack was okay.

Scraping off the makeup which took seconds compared to putting it on she reached for the house telephone, this was nice she thought “one could get used to this”, she put on her Royal voice again and laughed before dialing the Fosters number. It seemed ages before anyone picked up the phone Valerie thought, but she remembered that Foster’s phone was in the hall, and they were not getting any younger Valerie thought to herself how impatient am I and scolded herself in fun.
At last, the phone was answered it was Mr. Foster, he didn’t sound very well,” hello” he said in a voice very low Valerie had difficulty hearing him, he said it again, “hello” this time he spoke louder.”Hi, Mr. Foster” Valerie chirped, before she could say anything else Mr. Foster said, “Valerie is that you”? Valerie’s stomach turned she didn’t like his tone, it sounded worried. “Is everything OK she asked with urgency in her voice” Mr. Foster said in a teary voice, “you must come home immediately”then the phone disconnected, Valerie was distraught she didn’t know what to do, she called John at work he may have heard something before her she was shaking as she dialed the rigs number, she didn’t wait long for a reply and was told John was on his way home as there was an urgent family matter to attend to, . Valerie by this time was frantic, she got out her mobile phone, she had to switch it off in the hall as everyone was reminded on the way in, to stop any disturbances during the ceremony.

When she turned on her phone there were eleven missed calls and three voice messages, the tears were now running down her cheeks as she called the answering service shaking like a leaf. There were two calls from John and the rest was from both Mr. and Mrs. Foster, she called John back on his Mobile phone and frustratingly got the answering service, she immediately called downstairs to get a taxi to take her home. When she arrived home there was an ambulance, two Police cars and other cars she couldn’t recognize apart from Johns he was parked outside on the main road obviously he couldn’t get any nearer, the panic was all over Valerie’s face, she feared the worst as she knocked the Fosters door. John answered the door, his face was ashen, tears were rolling down like a tidal wave, he reached out to hug Valerie, but she pushed him out of the way to get into the house to see what was going on.

In the lounge Mr. Mrs. Foster was being questioned by a Police Officer, Valerie screamed “COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON” John grabbed her and gestured her to sit down, it, s Jack he mumbled softly, it was as if he couldn’t even say his name, “what’s wrong, has he had an accident” she asked? Before John could answer she asked, “where is he? Where is my son”?
Mr. Foster came over a brandy and beckoned Valerie to sit down, he was the as stern-faced as Valerie can ever recall him being, she was now very worried, John interrupted her train of thought by saying, “It’s Jack he has” John couldn’t finish the sentence, “HE HAS WHAT” Valerie asked getting more and more angry, through either pain or frustration John shouted at the top of his voice “HE HAS KILLED HIMSELF” Valerie fell as if the very life had just left her, she was nodding all the way before she hit the floor, the next time she knew she was in bed and thought it had all been a horrible dream. Valerie heard voices coming from downstairs, still semi-conscious she got up looked in the mirror then headed down to see what was going on, her brow still sweaty from the nightmare she just had, she had already taken her make-up off, so she had no indication she had even been out let alone at a wedding reception of her sons.

When she arrived downstairs and opened the lounge door she was greeted by John with another man she never recognized, she never even wondered what John was doing home, she thought in her mind it was a week he was on holiday and not supposed to be at work. John’s face was solemn, he asked her if she was feeling better, Valerie thought this strange as she wasn’t ill, she smiled at John and said “feeling better”? By this time John knew she remembered nothing of last night, the man standing at the window looked at John and asked where the kitchen was to get himself a drink of water using this as an excuse to leave and let John tell his wife the news again.

Valerie was puzzled by now she wondered who the man was and asked John why he was sad? John took her hands and sat her down on the sofa.” can you remember anything from last night” he asked, Valerie proceeded to tell him of her nightmare, John interrupted her and tearfully replied, “Valerie it wasn’t a nightmare”The colour drained from Valerie’s face, John could see dark speckles on her eyebrows probably make -up she forgot to take off from last night.
The strange man now entered the room having heard John struggle to tell his wife the bad news, he spoke softly but firmly, Mrs. Copeland, I am afraid its true, your son Jack committed suicide last night around 8.30pm he had taken 200 paracetamol he was dead on arrival at the City Hospital, we have no idea where he got the tablets from or why he did what he did, perhaps when you are ready you can shed some light on the matter, Valerie looked at the strange man in contempt, she wasn’t about to accept her son was dead, not Jack, he had everything to live for, he was going to meet his pop group his idols by this time Valerie was hysterical, John grabbed her and pinned her to the sofa for her own safety.

The coroner’s finding was that Jack had taken his own life the case was closed, Jack was buried beside his Grandma he always wanted to be with her, and he now had his wish come true. His pop group idols attended Jacks’s funeral and left a disc of their songs for him to listen to in Heaven David and Rebecca did not attend Jacks’s funeral, the family attending consisted of Valerie, John and Jacks’s Aunt Emilia. Several months later when Valerie was able to face sorting out Jacks’s things she came across an envelope she never noticed it before when she constantly tidied up after jack, the front had ” to Mum, Dad, and David”It read.” Dear Mum, Dad, and David.I am writing to tell you how much I love you all, I am aware that you have looked after me all my life, without any complaint, I know I could be difficult at times please believe me when I say I had a good life, you all made sure of that, there are no regrets apart from one, I cannot live without my brother, he is my life, without him I have nothing, yes I have you both but David was more than a brother he was a friend. I realize his new wife doesn’t like me I knew that from the start but I let it go for David’s sake. This way you all can continue with your lives and not worry about me, I will be with grandma now, so I will be looked after, don’t be sad, be happy for me…” love you always Jack. Valerie fell to the floor in a heap crying herself to sleep clutching Jack’s letter. David and Rebecca never came near John and Valerie or even called them until both of them passed away then David appeared and attended to their affairs


Prologue Blood is thicker than Water loved his sons he wanted them to make their own way and no one or nothing could convince him otherwise. Three days after John left something arrived in the post, it was evident it was some kind of invitation, the envelope was gold trimmed with a formal name on the front, the stamp was franked rather than having a normal stamp on it, Valerie looked puzzled, headed for the kitchen for a knife to carefully open the letter, “wonder what this is” she thought to herself.” Dear mum”You are cordially invited to the Wedding of David Copeland and Rebecca Swift we would be pleased if you could confirm your attendance.

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My Poetry. Everybody needs.

Everybody needs sunshine 
for spirits to glow
positive attitudes
For stamina to grow.
Everyone needs food
or we don't survive,
It's nice to have a choice
That keeps us alive!
Everybody needs to be loved
in these worrying times,
of War, hate, terrorism,
horrible crimes!
Everybody needs companionship
to make the Day go by,
when you're having fun
Time will fly!
Everybody needs assurance
they will be safe and sound
Heads up in the air
And not on the Ground.
Everybody has the hope
that our Planet will survive
our Kids will mature
to keep them alive!
Everybody lives together
and be at peace
from sister and brother
To Nephew and Niece.

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Famous Scots. William Wallace.

William Wallace was born in 1270 in a Scottish Town called Ayr, or in the immediate area of Ayrshire and yes this was also the same birthplace as Rabby Burns famous Scots poet and author. Wallace was taller than Mel Gibson which was unusual for that time, not many people were tall, but he towered in comparison. He got his title “braveheart” from the Scottish people because he battled with Edward Longshanks a ruthless English King, he wanted the Scots to fight alongside him against the French but the Scots refused so Edward sent in an army to capture the leader of the Scots who at the time was a kind of King but only recognized by Edward himself.
John Baliol ruled Scotland because the former King of Scotland had died, there were 13 people seeking rights to the Scottish throne Baliol was named the vassel King, meaning he had no real power.

Edward was enraged because Baliol refused to team up with him so sent in an army to Scotland to arrest him. Discontentment ruled over Scotland for many a year because there was no real leadership, so an army was raised and in charge of that army was Sir William Wallace. After driving out Edwards army Wallace was made “Guardian of Scotland “The final battle was lost and Longshanks stood in victory against the Scots, William Wallace was betrayed by a kinsman he was arrested taken to London and “hung drawn and quartered” meaning his body was posted on the 4 corners of the UK as a warning to other people who would commit treason against long-shanks.

There was no romance as the film depicted, the script was glamorized, William Wallace did fight for Scotland and to the Scottish people was a hero., History has always fascinated me… I hope you enjoyed this story…. of the real “William Wallace” “Brave heart”

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My Poetry. Was it worth it?

At an early age he hit the booze 
not knowing any other life
no one imagined the reason at all
He had time to take on a wife?.
Mary was delicate and petite to a point
she was invisible for the eye to see
just why she took on this massive task
She was within her rights to flee.
She tried in vain to change McGregor
but old habits died very hard
even producing five handsome sons
With another one on the cards..
The violence came, the abuse started
this petite flower was duly drained
scared when he eventually came home
Their marriage realistically strained.
His womanizing and alcohol addiction
finally, came to a head
his antics and daily blackouts
Inevitably he would be dead.
Mary watched as her lover detached
from her and all of their kin
McGregor wanted nothing from them
Just booze, and to stay within.
Eventually the old man died
and on his tomb it said
"being dependent on booze is no way to live"
give it up and live for today. 
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Blog/Web Promotions .(Michel Sulpin)

Michel Sulpin.


Le moyen historique de faire le lien patronymique entre SULPICIUS et SULPINUS – SULPIN Benedict XIII is an anti pope of Avignon: the Aragonese Pedro de Luna is named
Pope September 23, 1394.
The Diocese Bazas dependent on French recognized the Pope of Avignon! Several
Bishops are appointed to the obedience of Avignon, among others: Peter SULPIN 1397
To 1417. He ran his diocese with catchy be generated by John Herrenco, his

counterpart appointed by Rome after that left him alone Bazas caring more about
Vatican City.

¨ Pierre had important contacts in councils. The King of France: Charles VI Valois
“Thank you for penalties and the work he had had affairs of the diocese of Bazas” the King sick
psychomaniaco depression had to leave his uncles to resume Regency … and Roy
Henry IV of England Lancaster son of John of Gaunt Duke of Aquitaine and February 1 mars 1390
And thus claiming the throne of France.
“Peter is brother Sulpin Minor in the convent of Toulouse. He inherited a fund of Books,
known for his science, he founded the University of Toulouse a College that was the name of
St. FLOUR which he was born.

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My Poetry. If.

If I was the sea 
I would carry you for miles
protect you from sharks
Drown in your smiles.
If I was God
I would forgive all sinners
force mankind to love
Make everyone winners.
If I was rich
I would buy you flowers
give money to the poor
build family towers.
If I was telepathic
I would read your mind
root out all your despair
And make negativity kind.
If I was an insect
I would probably be
a busy wee ant
Scrounging and free..
If I was an animal
I would like to be
a roaring Lion
Fearing me.
If I was a car
I would be very fast
leaving the dust behind
Having a blast.
If I was a bird
I would soar in the sky
enjoy all the views
And people passing by.
If I was a horse
I would run forever
then eat hay at night
To be proud and clever.
If I was a ship
I would be on a cruise
lap up the sun
Enjoying the booze!
If I was the sun
I would shine on all of you
because you are special
Unique through and through.
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My Poetry. Worry Worry.

We have all made mistakes in life 
without them, we wouldn't be normal
sacrifices we have to make
Be it for real or sometimes informal.
So why do people get upset
When clearly they know it hurts you?
Wrapped up in their own little World
Like glass, you can see through.
Be it for real or maybe by chance
that it can affect all but you
the circumstance will dictate the outcome
This will indeed ring true..
Set aside selfishness in your life
people can thrive on the past
remember one chance is all you get
Live life to the full and have a blast.
Worry has always been a human trait
sadness can thrive in a lonely heart
it's better to treat others with respect
Be yourself and that's a good start.
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Public Poetry. Lord Byron.

She walks in Beauty.

She walks in beauty, like the night 
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellow'd to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.
One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair'd the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.
And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!


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My Short Stories. Living in the Dark.

Living with depression alienates you from people and things, you do not want to speak to people let alone socialize with them, you are in your own dark World all you want to do is wallow in your own dreary life.


Waking up at your usual time of 1pm- 2pm or sometimes later is a way of life, your DNA makeup, living with depression of any form puts your life on hold, you think only of negative things, you stay up most nights and want to sleep all day, you either eat or you don’t, and for some people eating to excess.
Millions of people suffering from depression take some form of medication, many try to get through the depression without the aid of meds, but for some it is imperative it either helps or makes the situation ten times worse, mood swings, sweats, weight gain and so on.

Trying to get a balance is really difficult, even when attending sessions to combat depression at your local Mental Health team can have its good and bad points. Lots of people find talking helpful, it gives them a boost to try to change their lifestyle without the use of medication it gives some people motivation to move on, however it sometimes goes beyond that and medication is needed. A doctor told me that depression is a severed nerve in your brain, the medication ties up the nerve in your brain and makes it complete, I believe this to be correct, that’s why when your prescribed medication it takes a few months for it to work, just as explained earlier.
I am sure many people can relate to this, but just remember, you are not ALONE. I have suffered chronic depression for many years and still battle with it today.
I invite you to comment with your experiences and share with many sufferers who would value your opinion.

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My Short Stories. Tone Deaf, with a heart of Gold.

All in all the family were happy, Audrey was a clever child she managed to walk at an early age and for her years she was advanced, one thing that was slow was her speech, she was not able to talk as well as the other children when she started Nursery the teachers became concerned and called in her parents.
Audrey’s mum knew something was not right as she was very behind in her ability to talk, but she just put it down to the fact she was quicker at adapting to other things and never thought any more of it.

Audrey smiled and when she did she lit up a room, she never cried, when she did it was only through hunger, she was contented with herself.
After a few tests with a speech therapist it was discovered Audrey was profoundly deaf, she could not hear anything at all, the therapist tested her on various levels of speech but Audrey did not respond to any of them.

Pretty soon Audrey was given hearing aids to aid her hearing.
After two months she began to respond and her speech developed a hundredfold, her parents were still in shock because they never knew their child was deaf.
Pretty soon it became clear that Audrey would never be able to hear one hundred per cent.

Her parents soon adapted to sign language having personal lessons from a sign expert.
Audrey excelled at school and even though she was disabled her aptitude amazed her parents, Audrey went on to complete her doctorate and soon became a fine doctor.

The moral of the story.

Disablement does not impair success.:)


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My Short Stories. You gave me Life.

Adrian breathed a sigh of relief, the tests were hard, the waiting excruciating but in the end, it was all worthwhile, yes he thought hard and took his time, but he had to do something, it was her last resort. The tests would identify if he was going to be a suitable match, blood matched even though they both had rare blood thank the Lord he thought to himself they matched.

Isabella had been awaiting a kidney transplant for 11 years, Adrian was too young to go through the operation at the time, he felt bad having to watch his sister fight day in and day out to keep alive, watching her turn yellow because her Kidneys were failing, he was sad but at the same time he knew she was a battler, and she would fight this until someone came along, a suitable donor.
Isabella was being kept alive by a Dialysis machine, it was her life support machine without it she would simply “die” what a thought Adrian shivered as if someone had walked over his grave.

Isabella had to travel daily to the Transplant unit in the Towns Hospital, she would stay there for six hours until she was “topped up” this gave Adrian the giggles as if he was talking about filling a car with petrol.
The family couldn’t afford to hire a dialysis machine they didn’t have much money so Isabella had to travel, she didn’t mind, but she looked awful each time she returned.
The day had finally come, Adrian held his sister’s hand as both of them were wheeled into the Th-eater, the doctor was a youngish man with greying hair probably the result of his years of studying, however, his smile was of assurance as he waved to the anaesthetist to administer the local anaesthetic.

The next thing Adrian saw was a shadow overlooking him, grabbing his arm to take his blood pressure, he fell back asleep, felt no pain but some discomfort it was to be expected he thought sleepily having a part of your body removed. Isabella woke up five hours after Adrian, she looked around and saw Adrian was still fast asleep before she could say anything her dad, pushed his fingers to her lips and said “everything is an alright darling” “Adrian is fine” “how do you feel”? Isabella was too weak to talk and drifted into another semi-conscious sleep. Three months later Adrian and Isabella were sitting outside a café enjoying the sun, both reflecting on the operation and the outcome. Isabella was now back to normal, she had a great colour and looked healthy, Adrian was fine too, they both giggled as they sipped their coffee.


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Scotland and its History. Witchcraft.

We are all aware that Witchcraft was very real in the early Centuries in England, Women were either drowned or burnt to the stake after being accused of being a Witch, the funny thing was (not for them of course) if they died they were “innocent” if they survived after being dunked they were Witches? Obviously a very real and terrifying ordeal for everyone around that period. It got to the stage that if one person did not like the other they were reported as being a Witch and were subjected to these bazaar tortures so it must have been pretty awful worrying if you were going to be next!
Surprising to me it happened in Scotland and here are my discoveries on Witchcraft in Scotland.

Between 1479 and 1722 more than 4000 men and women were burnt as Witches in Scotland, of that number 300 were executed on Castlehill in Edinburgh, during the reign of James IV of Scotland. In this period Witchcraft was evident all over the World it seemed like an epidemic had happened and the World had to be rid of those people, it culminated from religious reformation worldwide. In 1640 The Scott’s Assembly warned Ministers to be careful of people being “charmed” and taken in.

People were accused of being under the “Devils spell” willingly while satisfying their own wicked ways. Identified trying to establish if the individual made a pact with the devil. As always the people accused were poor, disliked, and never received a fair trial, (what’s new).
Witch Hunters were employed to “rake out the witches” to be subjected to the tortures which lay ahead. Torture was used in Scotland, however, unlike the English, the authorities in Scotland accepted a confession under torture, (tell me who wouldn’t have admitted it under that pain?)
One way of identifying if they were witches as if they had the devils mark, usually moles, scars or other skin blemishes all humans have on their body, there were supposedly made by the devil’s teeth? Pins were used by the Witchfinder, if the blemishes produced no pain after being pricked or did not bleed, then they were the devil’s mark! The Witch Hunters were paid on commission so needless to say many people innocent or not were murdered for them to gain money.

In the late 1700s an elderly lady who was eccentric was tried for being a witch in Edinburgh, very near to were Princess Street Gardens are now, this formed part of the defences for Edinburgh in the early 1400′ this old lady would be found muttering to herself, and acting strange around people, therefore, someone in their wisdom thought she must be a witch! She was trussed up my toes and fingers, dunked into the loch and as I said earlier if she drowned she was innocent? If she floated she was guilty? Air pockets in her gown made her float to the top of the Loch hence it was discovered she was indeed a witch? She was carried back up to Edinburgh Castle, strangled then burnt to the stake as so many people before her?
After a few years when only the poor were deemed witches it climbed the higher classes, then Royalty was involved, in 1590 the Berwick witches story included sorcery, politics and treason.

When the Bailee of Tranent accused a female servant of witchcraft it all kicked off, he personally tortured her with thumbscrews after it was discovered she had the “devils mark” naturally the pain made her confess however she implicated many others, amongst the accused, were a doctor, a Lords daughter, a teacher and a midwife. Also, implicated were Royal claims to the throne, he was arrested put into prison but managed to escape, only to be caught again. Tortured he still did not admit to being a witch and claimed his innocence throughout his ordeal., this was put down to heavy influence by the devil himself.
Burning on the stake the Teacher still professed his innocence. All the people implicated were put to death regardless of innocence being proved. Finally, here are some cases involved in Witchcraft recorded in literature, this ended around the mid-1800s

Burnt to the stake in 1600 for making people ill???

Tried for witchcraft in 1756 accused of having a meeting with a man who died 29 years previous?

Accused in 1608 of meeting the devil and casting a spell on a farmer’s crops? Can you imagine, what would happen nowadays? Blemishes on the skin means u are in league with the devil, LOL I’m having plastic surgery, it goes to show, Humans, are fearful of the paranormal and in the above cases it went to the extreme.

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My Short Stories. The Ride of your Life.

Our cousins lived not too far away from us, they were pretty comfortable off, both their parents worked so it meant they got quite a bit from them, not OTT, but they did OK, one of the things I longed for as a lad was a bike, everyone seemed to have one, we could never really afford one, so it was up to the good nature of our mates to let us have a go, my wee brother is only a couple of years younger than me, so we used to do a lot together, mainly fight lol, but looking back we did have good times together.

He was the same, he wanted a bike also, so like me he relied on his friends to give him a go, back then you could go for miles on a bike, kinda like the world was your oyster, energy wasn’t an issue you could ride all day and night and never tire of it, we ventured pretty far at times and thinking back now I often cringe at the situations we got into, but back then in the seventies, it was much safer than it is today.
Our cousins were cool, two girls, they came round to our street every morning to give us a ride of their new bikes, we circled around the block having goes between us, this was really cool, we had a blast, I can still feel the hot sun beaming down on a summers morning when they arrived. Finally, one Christmas our parents bought us a Chopper bike, these were the best back them, 3 gears one wheel smaller than the other and built to last, you have no idea what these bikes meant to us back then, we went everywhere and had the best of times. Nowadays a bike wouldn’t be the ultimate present but things change, happy days.


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