My Poetry. The Lifeboat.

The waves dashed fiercely 
bodies tossed side by side 
all alone a vessel 
struggling to glide. 
Thirteen souls afloat 
in a wooden sanctuary 
not knowing were it was going 
no one knew if it was night or day. 
No food or supplies had been saved
just people in a trance
from the old to the young
thrown together in circumstance.
The ship had sunk days ago
the lifeboats went down bar one
only one remained intact
Floating in the blazing sun.
One man had taken charge
as excitement dulled common sense
the female passengers crying
No one coming to their defence.
He tried to gather order
as screams of terror flew
this was in desperation
From a terrified motley crew.
Injured people holding wounds
crying with pain
others tried to comfort them
Battered by the rain.
For many days they travelled
praying they would sight land
patience and good fortune
was getting out of hand.
Out of all the ships passengers
only thirteen would survive
starving and half-dead
Lucky to be alive.
Eventually, land had been sighted
for some, they would never forget
never taking anything for granted
No sadness or regret.
The lifeboat now stood lonely
it had saved so many lives
fathers, sons, and daughters
Husbands sisters and wives.
The moral of this story
is work hard as a team
survival is for the fittest
it isn't just a dream.
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My Poetry. Anti Social Behaviour.

Muggings rife ,old folks scared   
murder is common, issues flared
alcohol rampant, drugs abused,
jails full of people guilty, accused.
Shopkeepers terrified, windows barred
faces all torn ,ripped, or scarred
children hanging around Town all night
Confronting  people causing a fight.
Young girls drinking causing a fuss
language rife when on the bus
little kids learning this is the way
Adults all tutting but nothing to say.
Anti-social behaviour alive in our day
people are nervous scared of the way
Police overstretched, taxes are high
Does anyone care? Except you and me?
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My Short Stories. The Bigot.

Jack was over the moon, for the first time since following them he was very soon to meet his idols, a pop group he had followed since ten Years old. He idolized them to a point every poster in his bedroom was the pop group, none of his wall covering was visible, and between that and the figures, he collected it looked like a shrine.
Valerie his mum had been entering competitions for two years, she was determined she would help Jack get his wish come true and as TV programmes like Jim’ll fix it did not exist now she had to opt for entering competitions spending fortunes on magazines and papers and also buy food products the family didn’t even like, all for her son Jack.
Jack was now sixteen years of age, born with Cerebral Palsy he was wheelchair-bound, despite this he was able to communicate and knew exactly what he wanted from life.

His mum and dad taught Jack all the values he needed, he was a credit to both of them as he surpassed many pupils in his class, his reports from school were always exceptional as well as his attendance, his disability did not affect his eagerness to thrive. Jack wasn’t the only child in the family, he had an older brother called David, David was twenty- three Years old Valerie and her husband decided to have a gap in their family additions they did long for a girl but were delighted having two sons. His brother David acted the part of big brother, taking Jack to football, the movies, long walks, and fishing, they did everything together when David lived at home. David did very well at school and had his own IT business, he worked from home and had a huge client list, visiting their premises and advising of all the major products and services they would need to succeed in business, yes he was to be proud of and Valerie was proud of her older son. All went well within the family unit, dad worked away on the oil rigs, only getting two weeks off every four, Valerie managed to cope with Jack with the assistance of David, luckily because he worked from home David was able to drive Jack to school and pick him up after so the whole scenario worked out perfectly. With David’s support Valerie could do her chores and prepare the meals daily, she often thanked David for his support, he usually turned red shrugged his shoulders and replied, “that’s what I am here for mum” Valerie usually gave him a huge hug just to let him know he was loved and appreciated, David usually ran off.

From time to time David had to go away on business when this happened Valerie could rely on the school to come to pick Jack up as they were lucky to have a donated specialized van for picking up children with disabilities so every option was always covered. David was staying overnight in London, Valerie made a mental note to contact the school before it closed to organize Jacks lift in the morning because she had so much on her mind she wrote it down on the magnetized note board on the fridge. When David was away the house was quiet, Jack would be in his bedroom either listening to his favorite pop group or watching TV, so Valerie could get on with the usual chores, in the evening she usually sat doing a puzzle having a glass of wine but this particular evening she was melancholy and thought back to the time Jack was born. No one had any idea Jack was going to be born with his disease, all checks came back negative, Valerie recalls having a real bad time having Jack compared to David’s birth but put it down to them being never the same.

John luckily was at home when they were rushed to the hospital, Valerie was in tremendous pain and grabbed Johns cuff hoping that this would relieve the pain, no time for any drugs as the trip lasted several minutes again she was rushed to the delivery room, doctors piled in as did the nurses, it was like a scene from a tragic accident rather than a woman giving birth to a child. Standard procedure, she heard a nurse say with a mask over her face, the doctors got prepared for the delivery, by this time Valerie was climbing the walls, dying to push but being told not yet in a harsh but advisable way from the nurse towering over her, Valerie just wanted it to end, and within minutes it was, Jack was rushed to the baby ward as he had difficulty breathing, the nurse looked down at Valerie and again muttered “standard procedure” not very comforting when your baby is rushed away at ninety miles an hour!

Three days later Valerie got to hug her baby, John had tears in his eyes, he was quite a sensitive man, one of the reasons Valerie fell in love with him way back then, a few minutes ago she would have denied all knowledge of John but that was the pain. After Valerie bonded with her baby, she was visited by a doctor still masked, he must have been at another delivery coming directly from there as Valerie noticed the smell of the same chemical visible at her visit to the delivery room. His face was ashen, he looked tired, Valerie knew there and then call it Mothers instinct she knew something wasn’t right. The Doctor closed the curtains and gathered John into the conversation like a shepherd leading his flock. He had them afraid there is bad news expression on his face, Valerie knew this as she too was a practice nurse fully trained and still worked part- time when she could fit it in with Jack, she was in the same position as the Doctor many times, so she could relate to the scene John was more perplexed than Valerie when the Doctor finally came out with his news, he paused so many times John was beginning to get agitated, having had no sleep and still being high from the birth of his son.

All you could see was John putting his head in his hands and Valerie kind of gobsmacked as they listened to what the Doctor had to say, an expression of how could this be possible ran over Valerie’s face John said nothing but did not surface from his hands. Valerie paused her thoughts to pour another glass of wine, it was as if her brain had stopped and reminded her it was relaxation time, therefore, a glass of wine was in order which Valerie was ready for. John took the news the hardest he spent about two hours questioning Doctors as to how this could have gone unnoticed, during scans, tests etc which Valerie attended faithfully throughout her pregnancy. All John was told that it was “an act of God” as nothing was ever detected during the pregnancy, John asked was it because he couldn’t breathe when he was born the Doctor did not discount this theory then tried to veer John to the positives.

John and Valerie accepted what they were given and although Jack had this disease they would still love and treat him as respectful as they did with David, John said “what’s the point going on about this when it will not change anything and from that day they never spoke of the why’s and wherefores again, At this point Valerie’s thoughts were interrupted by the telephone ringing, she wondered how long it had been ringing as Jack was shouting from his bedroom, “mum phone” Valerie came too and walked over to the phone, she felt a bit light-headed having had two glasses of wine, she wasn’t used to alcohol. She said hello to the caller, she felt she was slurring her speech but began to control, it once the conversation got into full swing. It was David calling from his hotel in London, strange thought Valerie he didn’t usually call, hope everything is OK, she prayed.” Hi, mum” David’s voice was excited, bouncy, he was usually but Valerie detected it was more than normal.I have met a beautiful girl he went on to say,

“Mum you will love her, her name is Rebecca” Valerie paused and David asked if she was ok? Valerie was still a bit giddy and did take a while to respond it wasn’t as if David never had girlfriends before, he was quite a handsome lad in fact so was Jack, Valerie got a bit big-headed and continued to listen. David told his mum he was bringing Rebecca back home with him to meet the family, Valerie paused then remembered his dad wasn’t due back for another week, she didn’t feel the need to tell David this as he knew his dad was still away, Valerie assumed he had taken this into consideration. After their goodbyes, Valerie hung up the receiver then went directly to Jacks room, it was time for his bed, she had to help him get ready a task Jack was never happy about as he was a growing lad and knew deep down it wasn’t right for his mum to undress him, David normally did it, Jack just swallowed his pride as it was only now and again this happened dad would normally be there as well.

Valerie spent time talking with Jack and at least now she had something to say instead of the usual small talk bearing in mind Jack usually turned off and concentrated more on keeping his respect intact. Jack listened this time strangely he had bouts of that and when Valerie got his attention she nurtured it. Usually, Jack was a bit down when mum told him anything but the news from David made him chirpy as he settled into bed reading his magazine. Knowing his brother was coming home tomorrow gave him another boost as he said goodnight to his mum, Valerie headed into the kitchen her mind racing with the thought of meeting someone new it always did. Next morning Valerie got Jack ready, this was Saturday, Jack loved a Saturday it was either football or fishing depended on how David was feeling he got a bit down knowing as David was just coming home he wouldn’t be going anywhere but at least David always brought him something home from his trips.

David called his mum from the airport saying they were on their way and to get the “kettle on” David always said that when he called knowing full well Valerie would do it and have something nice to eat as well. Valerie heard the clink of a car door closing, Jack was as high as a kite, it usually took her two days to calm him down after his brother returned Valerie giggled to herself. David crashed through the door like a man possessed, he was also as high as a kite, probably more nervous than his mum bringing his girlfriend back to meet his family. Behind David, a “leggy” girl dressed more like she was going to nightclub rather than visiting someone at home walked to the front with her hand out and a wry smile seeming as if it was forced for Davids benefit.”Hello my name is Rebecca” she smiled as she said it, Valerie took her hand and introduced herself, David was more interested in a brew than introductions and headed towards the kitchen like a starved animal. It was all ready, Valerie beckoned them to sit down, Jack was talking to Rebecca but wasn’t getting a response, she looked out of the window and mumbled something under her breath Jack couldn’t hear and got louder, Valerie interrupted them and repeated what Jack had said, but she wasn’t interested she just stared out of the window, oh yeah Valerie enraged how rude is she?

David went over to Jack and handed him a parcel, “hi mate” he screamed, “did you miss me”? Jack reached out to get a bear hug but Rebecca rudely stepped in front of them, Valerie got angrier by the minute, she was determined though she was going to try with this girl despite how she really felt deep down. She covered over David like a wet cloth, it was like something out of a sleazy mag, Valerie still tried to hold her patience as Rebecca started to talk about herself? Valerie sat quietly while she rambled on, about me me me. Every time Jack went to talk to David Rebecca would either sit on David’s lap or start a new conversation, did she have a problem? Before Valerie erupted David came out with a bombshell, “Mum” he said, Valerie continued sipping her tea, I have news he said, ready to burst, Valerie again took a sip of her tea and patiently awaited the news. David sat back on the leather sofa, Rebecca surrounded him like a rash, never once looking either Valerie or Jack in the eye, she only had an eye for David, Valerie convinced herself there, and then she didn’t like this girl but for the sake of her son, she would listen. Having only known each other for one day the news was David and Rebecca were getting married? Valerie nearly swallowed her cup, she thought someone would have to give her the Heinrich manoeuvrer it was that close.

The girl must have had magical powers, Valerie had never heard anything like it, but with the conversation, she listened to by Rebecca she instantly knew why. Rebecca was born into a very influential family, hence the rudeness Valerie thought to herself, she walked in “high circles” people like Valerie and Jack did not exist Valerie had this girl summed up in a sentence, “used to getting her own way” She knew celebrities and was used to the good life, money was no object she wanted it she got it, that’s the impression she gave Valerie. David agreed with everything Rebecca said, he sounded like a puppet, she moved her mouth and pulled his strings at the same time, it was unbelievable Valerie thought. David awaited an expression at least from his mum, Valerie was still choking as the news was indigestible, he asked her if she was alright she excused herself, went into the kitchen and turned the cold water tap on so forcefully she nearly pulled it off, David was at her back.

Surprisingly Rebecca sat where she was still staring out of the window while still ignoring Jack who by this time looked perplexed. Valerie didn’t know were to start, trying to keep calm she drank her cold water, David looked harassed and stood in front of his mum, “what’s up” he said? Valerie smiled sarcastically, she wanted to blow up but decided to be ladylike and continue her conversation, “don’t you like Rebecca” he said with some reservation in his voice.Valerie couldn’t believe her son, “what was to like” she replied? Awe mum you have to ignore her, she is always like this he said with a supporting tone, ” she is shy” by this time Valerie was again choking on her water,”shy” she burst out laughing and couldn’t stop, David looked disappointed at his mum who by now was ending herself with laughter. David stormed out of the house with Rebecca in tow, not once did they glance back for a response, they got into David’s car, the screech of the brakes could be heard for miles. Valerie’s laughter turned to tears as her son whom she loved dearly had been hypnotized by the “girl from hell” Jack noticed his mums tears and reached out to give her a hug, both of them were crying by now. John called home, he did on a daily basis, despite being away he liked to keep up with the news on the family front, this particular evening he detected sadness from Valerie and asked her what was the matter,”where do I start” she said knowing full well that although John was a terrific husband and Father he was laid back when it came to his sons, he allowed them to make heir own decisions as long as it didn’t affect him or Valerie, and as long as the decisions were legal. Valerie let everything off her chest, John uttered some words but allowed his wife to get everything out, he knew interrupting her would make her worse so over the years he learned to let her talk then when she paused long enough that was his queue to say his piece, Valerie knew what his response would be, but she still needed support, she missed her husband, missed his input, missed him around the home, missed cuddling him in bed, but she knew John was good at his job and was needed by his company, she supposed she was just feeling lonely.

As predicted John did not give the response she wanted, his attitude was David was a man and could make his own decisions, John was old-fashioned brought up in a large family, he left home when he was 19, married Valerie within six months, so he expected every guy should be the same, why should they look after their kids forever they had to leave the nest sometime, Valerie didn’t share his views but knew it would be no good stressing the point and changed the subject to everyday matters. Valerie had not heard from David for weeks, she stressed out at this because not only did she have Jack to support, but she missed her oldest son, selfishly she knew she needed David but being stubborn she tried to “make do” but with a struggle. Valerie struggled on, she always made sure Jack wasn’t aware of family disputes, there wasn’t many but when they did occur it was all out war, John had been home and away again, he wasn’t that concerned about David although he yours faithfully David and Rebecca. Valerie was shocked, how could they organize a wedding without the very fact his dad was working away and where was the mention of Jack? Valerie tried to call David’s mobile phone but the answering machine was on, she left a message for him to call her back, she was even more agitated than before.

All afternoon Valerie banged about the kitchen in a fury every thought being an angry one, she had expected better of her son, she never for one moment ever thought he would do this, she admitted this girl was good and thought out everything she was going to say to David when he called back later, but she was going to be calm, that was her mission, to be calm. By the time David called back she had calmed down a bit, not a lot as she was still angry, she had the braveness of a glass of wine behind her, so she felt able to compose herself but still have her say. David still sounded miffed, his tone was a disappointed little boy who never got sweets at the supermarket when mum had gone shopping. Valerie kept her calm as promised, she asked all the questions she had built up the whole afternoon waiting on her son calling back. The reason Jack could not attend the wedding was supposed because the Hotel was the reception was being held wasn’t user-friendly to wheelchairs, Valerie did not for one moment believe that, although she knew herself many places in Town were still in the stone ages when it came to adapting. As for his Fathers absence, David said he called his dad and was told to carry on, Valerie knew this probably was true, so she did not question it, she would have words with John when he called, she made another mental note.Valerie said she was apprehensive about attending the wedding without Jack or her husband, never did she go to any function without either one of them and that included David although it seems he had a short memory in this case.

David pleaded for her to go, he felt it was her place to be by his side when he got married, Valerie again mumbled under her breath “short memory” weeks ago he had charged out and never bothered to call, but now he was putting her on the spot. The following day Jack started asking where his brother was, he didn’t understand what was going on, his life was simple, he never even spoke to girls let alone have a relationship, although slyly going down the road he would glare at the pretty girls Valerie knew that expression and smiled when it happened. Jack was insistent when he got like this Valerie always knew it was best to explain, once he got something into his head he needed an answer, it was obvious he missed his brother and wondered why he wasn’t around. Valerie decided to tell him a small white lie, right now she did not need the confrontation she would get with him, luckily he accepted the story and settled down. The day of the wedding finally came, Valerie had a dress she had bought specially for the wedding also she bought a hat she had always fancied wearing a hat but wasn’t invited to any family weddings to wear one, now was her golden opportunity although she had wished it was a happier occasion, not that she didn’t want her son to be married but it was the way the whole thing was done, as if there was no tomorrow, Valerie thought to herself it would have been easy to swallow had they needed to get married, if she was in the family way, but knowing Rebecca it would be sometime before that happened and even then it would have to be in the fashion, this gave Valerie the need to giggle, and she did, but no one heard her. Jack was being looked after by the Fosters, aptly named, they lived next door and always loved having Jack, they thought he was a terrific boy, he always let on to them when either of them were in the garden or in Town, Jack would always wheel over to say hello, this made the Fosters happy as they could never have any children of their own, Valerie stopped, too long a story to go into, she had enough on her mind for now.

The car arrived on time to pick Valerie up, as expected it was the most expensive limousine she had ever seen in her life, luxury on wheels is how she always described them, secretly she wanted a ride but never thought she would in her lifetime, naturally with the Limo comes the chauffeur and yes he had a hat, so this completed the picture as he opened the door for Valerie who felt today she was a Queen for a moment the hostility left her but not for long as she started to get nervous meeting her side of the family, traditionally done way before the actual wedding but this was not a normal wedding where everyone got involved, well at least the Mother of the Groom. The driver went slow, Valerie admired the view and at times felt like sticking her hand out and waving to the crowds outside some shops they passed she felt like Royalty but decided against the hand thing.
She could see people but no one could see her as the Limo have tinted glass, it was like being in an interrogation room on one of those shows on TV where there was a two-way mirror, Valerie again smiled, this was great she thought. Valerie gulped as the driver stopped outside one of the plushest Hotels she had ever seen, despite the fact she and John lived comfortably they were never spoiled with the finer things in life except maybe when they got married and had their honeymoon in the Bahamas Valerie thought to herself, yes that was top-notch. After saying her goodbyes to the driver and trying to tip him she headed for the entrance to the Grand Hotel her face was reddish as she made a fool of herself trying to tip a driver who was probably paid one hundred times more than she offered him, but she wasn’t to know, this was all new to her, she got over it and was met in the entrance hall by another man in uniform.

Valerie felt the need to posh up her tone, foolishly she started to sound like the Queen and sounded rather silly, the uniformed man just looked at her as if she had just stepped out of a funny farm not an emotion of any kind entered his face. After introductions, she was directed to the main hall where the ceremony was taking place, no sign of David she thought, she started to get angry again he didn’t have the decency to meet his own mum at the entranceway Valerie was saddened but for peace decided to let it go, on entering the hall she thought to herself no wonder it was called the Grand Hotel it was like something out of a Charlotte Bronte novel, she gasped in awe at the décor and crafted ceilings they were beautiful and wrestled with the question of how old was this place? Again she was greeted by another Staff member this time a female, she was dressed like a proper maid in black and white, she was a pretty girl with bunned hair or it was formed that way to get her hat to sit on her head, her smile was beautiful, pearly white teeth, Valerie knew this girl looked after herself and either with or without makeup she was beautiful. The girl ushered Valerie to the front of the hall, the seating was formed just like a church, Valerie couldn’t help noticing how many seats there were, she tuned back to the wedding of Charles and Diana yes this was what this reminded her of, but surely the lovely Rebecca could have all these relatives? Well maybe she did, because one thing was for sure, none of David’s relatives were invited. Valerie wasn’t the only one there, the front row was full of people she had never met in her life, they looked stuffy and did not make any attempt to say hello or even make idle chit chat. Valerie contented herself that she was brought up to be polite and would let it go, for now.

The Hall was not full to the brim, with people standing both sides of the aisle, the staff also stood there with solemn faces except for the pretty girl she had a natural smile which beamed throughout the hall. At last the ceremony began, David walked down the aisle alone, he looked straight at Valerie and gave her a smile, five minutes later the music began, Valerie raised her eyes hoping no one would see her, she then put her attention back to David who had his back to the hall. The wedding march played loudly in the hall as the double doors opened, Rebecca and what must have been her Father entered the Hall and slowly walked down, she had a smile on her face which lasted until she got to Valerie she then her lowered her eyes as if she was disappointed she had turned up, secretly she was probably hoping she didn’t.
Rebecca’s father looked proud, he even looked the part of an eccentric gent, long handlebar moustache perfectly curled as if it had been stuck on with glue, maybe it was Valerie pondered and again smiled to herself. The ceremony went well, both of them turned around and walked out of the hall, David smiled at Valerie again as everyone got ready to leave the hall, before she left Valerie got out her digital camera and took a picture of the hall, she was in love with its elegance.

The reception had started, once all the formalities were over, Valerie was sat at David’s right at least she had her place, she thought maybe she would be asked to serve drinks or something, she was being inwardly sarcastic, never before had she seen so much money under one roof, everyone had bling that would sink the titanic, even the men she noticed! Valerie was finally introduced to Rebecca’s family but it wasn’t her who introduced them it was David “bitch” Valerie mumbled under her breath, she was quite astonished at herself, usually, she was placid and could stand those women who were bitches but the whole episode had riled her.
The family she was introduced to had dollar bills all over them, and they knew it, they spoke as if they had a marble in their mouth, thankfully the music began and most of them got up to dance except an elderly lady who must have been too old to get up, she looked fed up as if she was forced to do something she really didn’t want to, Valerie nodded at her but got no response just a glare, God she thought its like the Adams family “The reception was finally near the end, David had danced with Valerie three times, she was happy but still had a loathing for his new wife, she was reluctant to tell her daughter-in-law, she was determined not to call her that, she was lucky if she saw her more than twice at the reception which suited Valerie she did notice when she was dancing with David she glared at them both him with love, her with contempt.

David and his wife left the reception hall to cheers and confetti all over them, they were going to Jamaica for their honeymoon, how nice Valerie thought, news to her. All guests who attended the wedding were given a room for the night and that included Valerie, she left quietly and swiftly as she did not want to get involved with the other guests or Rebecca’s family, she had had enough of the snide glares for one day. The room was as glamorous as the rest of the building, Valerie sighed and flung herself on the expensive looking bed tossing her heels off as she jumped, shower in the morning or bath? She played with each idea and decided on a long soak she deserved it, she felt her eyes going, she was tired, drained would be the right word, but before she went to bed she needed to call and make sure Jack was okay.

Scraping off the makeup which took seconds compared to putting it on she reached for the house telephone, this was nice she thought “one could get used to this”, she put on her Royal voice again and laughed before dialing the Fosters number. It seemed ages before anyone picked up the phone Valerie thought, but she remembered that Foster’s phone was in the hall, and they were not getting any younger Valerie thought to herself how impatient am I and scolded herself in fun.
At last, the phone was answered it was Mr. Foster, he didn’t sound very well,” hello” he said in a voice very low Valerie had difficulty hearing him, he said it again, “hello” this time he spoke louder.”Hi, Mr. Foster” Valerie chirped, before she could say anything else Mr. Foster said, “Valerie is that you”? Valerie’s stomach turned she didn’t like his tone, it sounded worried. “Is everything OK she asked with urgency in her voice” Mr. Foster said in a teary voice, “you must come home immediately”then the phone disconnected, Valerie was distraught she didn’t know what to do, she called John at work he may have heard something before her she was shaking as she dialed the rigs number, she didn’t wait long for a reply and was told John was on his way home as there was an urgent family matter to attend to, . Valerie by this time was frantic, she got out her mobile phone, she had to switch it off in the hall as everyone was reminded on the way in, to stop any disturbances during the ceremony.

When she turned on her phone there were eleven missed calls and three voice messages, the tears were now running down her cheeks as she called the answering service shaking like a leaf. There were two calls from John and the rest was from both Mr. and Mrs. Foster, she called John back on his Mobile phone and frustratingly got the answering service, she immediately called downstairs to get a taxi to take her home. When she arrived home there was an ambulance, two Police cars and other cars she couldn’t recognize apart from Johns he was parked outside on the main road obviously he couldn’t get any nearer, the panic was all over Valerie’s face, she feared the worst as she knocked the Fosters door. John answered the door, his face was ashen, tears were rolling down like a tidal wave, he reached out to hug Valerie, but she pushed him out of the way to get into the house to see what was going on.

In the lounge Mr. Mrs. Foster was being questioned by a Police Officer, Valerie screamed “COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON” John grabbed her and gestured her to sit down, it, s Jack he mumbled softly, it was as if he couldn’t even say his name, “what’s wrong, has he had an accident” she asked? Before John could answer she asked, “where is he? Where is my son”?
Mr. Foster came over a brandy and beckoned Valerie to sit down, he was the as stern-faced as Valerie can ever recall him being, she was now very worried, John interrupted her train of thought by saying, “It’s Jack he has” John couldn’t finish the sentence, “HE HAS WHAT” Valerie asked getting more and more angry, through either pain or frustration John shouted at the top of his voice “HE HAS KILLED HIMSELF” Valerie fell as if the very life had just left her, she was nodding all the way before she hit the floor, the next time she knew she was in bed and thought it had all been a horrible dream. Valerie heard voices coming from downstairs, still semi-conscious she got up looked in the mirror then headed down to see what was going on, her brow still sweaty from the nightmare she just had, she had already taken her make-up off, so she had no indication she had even been out let alone at a wedding reception of her sons.

When she arrived downstairs and opened the lounge door she was greeted by John with another man she never recognized, she never even wondered what John was doing home, she thought in her mind it was a week he was on holiday and not supposed to be at work. John’s face was solemn, he asked her if she was feeling better, Valerie thought this strange as she wasn’t ill, she smiled at John and said “feeling better”? By this time John knew she remembered nothing of last night, the man standing at the window looked at John and asked where the kitchen was to get himself a drink of water using this as an excuse to leave and let John tell his wife the news again.

Valerie was puzzled by now she wondered who the man was and asked John why he was sad? John took her hands and sat her down on the sofa.” can you remember anything from last night” he asked, Valerie proceeded to tell him of her nightmare, John interrupted her and tearfully replied, “Valerie it wasn’t a nightmare”The colour drained from Valerie’s face, John could see dark speckles on her eyebrows probably make -up she forgot to take off from last night.
The strange man now entered the room having heard John struggle to tell his wife the bad news, he spoke softly but firmly, Mrs. Copeland, I am afraid its true, your son Jack committed suicide last night around 8.30pm he had taken 200 paracetamol he was dead on arrival at the City Hospital, we have no idea where he got the tablets from or why he did what he did, perhaps when you are ready you can shed some light on the matter, Valerie looked at the strange man in contempt, she wasn’t about to accept her son was dead, not Jack, he had everything to live for, he was going to meet his pop group his idols by this time Valerie was hysterical, John grabbed her and pinned her to the sofa for her own safety.

The coroner’s finding was that Jack had taken his own life the case was closed, Jack was buried beside his Grandma he always wanted to be with her, and he now had his wish come true. His pop group idols attended Jacks’s funeral and left a disc of their songs for him to listen to in Heaven David and Rebecca did not attend Jacks’s funeral, the family attending consisted of Valerie, John and Jacks’s Aunt Emilia. Several months later when Valerie was able to face sorting out Jacks’s things she came across an envelope she never noticed it before when she constantly tidied up after jack, the front had ” to Mum, Dad, and David”It read.” Dear Mum, Dad, and David.I am writing to tell you how much I love you all, I am aware that you have looked after me all my life, without any complaint, I know I could be difficult at times please believe me when I say I had a good life, you all made sure of that, there are no regrets apart from one, I cannot live without my brother, he is my life, without him I have nothing, yes I have you both but David was more than a brother he was a friend. I realize his new wife doesn’t like me I knew that from the start but I let it go for David’s sake. This way you all can continue with your lives and not worry about me, I will be with grandma now, so I will be looked after, don’t be sad, be happy for me…” love you always Jack. Valerie fell to the floor in a heap crying herself to sleep clutching Jack’s letter. David and Rebecca never came near John and Valerie or even called them until both of them passed away then David appeared and attended to their affairs


Prologue Blood is thicker than Water loved his sons he wanted them to make their own way and no one or nothing could convince him otherwise. Three days after John left something arrived in the post, it was evident it was some kind of invitation, the envelope was gold trimmed with a formal name on the front, the stamp was franked rather than having a normal stamp on it, Valerie looked puzzled, headed for the kitchen for a knife to carefully open the letter, “wonder what this is” she thought to herself.” Dear mum”You are cordially invited to the Wedding of David Copeland and Rebecca Swift we would be pleased if you could confirm your attendance.

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My Poetry. Everybody needs.

Everybody needs sunshine 
for spirits to glow
positive attitudes
For stamina to grow.
Everyone needs food
or we don't survive,
It's nice to have a choice
That keeps us alive!
Everybody needs to be loved
in these worrying times,
of War, hate, terrorism,
horrible crimes!
Everybody needs companionship
to make the Day go by,
when you're having fun
Time will fly!
Everybody needs assurance
they will be safe and sound
Heads up in the air
And not on the Ground.
Everybody has the hope
that our Planet will survive
our Kids will mature
to keep them alive!
Everybody lives together
and be at peace
from sister and brother
To Nephew and Niece.

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Famous Scots. William Wallace.

William Wallace was born in 1270 in a Scottish Town called Ayr, or in the immediate area of Ayrshire and yes this was also the same birthplace as Rabby Burns famous Scots poet and author. Wallace was taller than Mel Gibson which was unusual for that time, not many people were tall, but he towered in comparison. He got his title “braveheart” from the Scottish people because he battled with Edward Longshanks a ruthless English King, he wanted the Scots to fight alongside him against the French but the Scots refused so Edward sent in an army to capture the leader of the Scots who at the time was a kind of King but only recognized by Edward himself.
John Baliol ruled Scotland because the former King of Scotland had died, there were 13 people seeking rights to the Scottish throne Baliol was named the vassel King, meaning he had no real power.

Edward was enraged because Baliol refused to team up with him so sent in an army to Scotland to arrest him. Discontentment ruled over Scotland for many a year because there was no real leadership, so an army was raised and in charge of that army was Sir William Wallace. After driving out Edwards army Wallace was made “Guardian of Scotland “The final battle was lost and Longshanks stood in victory against the Scots, William Wallace was betrayed by a kinsman he was arrested taken to London and “hung drawn and quartered” meaning his body was posted on the 4 corners of the UK as a warning to other people who would commit treason against long-shanks.

There was no romance as the film depicted, the script was glamorized, William Wallace did fight for Scotland and to the Scottish people was a hero., History has always fascinated me… I hope you enjoyed this story…. of the real “William Wallace” “Brave heart”

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My Poetry. Was it worth it?

At an early age he hit the booze 
not knowing any other life
no one imagined the reason at all
He had time to take on a wife?.
Mary was delicate and petite to a point
she was invisible for the eye to see
just why she took on this massive task
She was within her rights to flee.
She tried in vain to change McGregor
but old habits died very hard
even producing five handsome sons
With another one on the cards..
The violence came, the abuse started
this petite flower was duly drained
scared when he eventually came home
Their marriage realistically strained.
His womanizing and alcohol addiction
finally, came to a head
his antics and daily blackouts
Inevitably he would be dead.
Mary watched as her lover detached
from her and all of their kin
McGregor wanted nothing from them
Just booze, and to stay within.
Eventually the old man died
and on his tomb it said
"being dependent on booze is no way to live"
give it up and live for today. 
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Lake and Brown Roofing.

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Blog/Web Promotions .(Michel Sulpin)

Michel Sulpin.


Le moyen historique de faire le lien patronymique entre SULPICIUS et SULPINUS – SULPIN Benedict XIII is an anti pope of Avignon: the Aragonese Pedro de Luna is named
Pope September 23, 1394.
The Diocese Bazas dependent on French recognized the Pope of Avignon! Several
Bishops are appointed to the obedience of Avignon, among others: Peter SULPIN 1397
To 1417. He ran his diocese with catchy be generated by John Herrenco, his

counterpart appointed by Rome after that left him alone Bazas caring more about
Vatican City.

¨ Pierre had important contacts in councils. The King of France: Charles VI Valois
“Thank you for penalties and the work he had had affairs of the diocese of Bazas” the King sick
psychomaniaco depression had to leave his uncles to resume Regency … and Roy
Henry IV of England Lancaster son of John of Gaunt Duke of Aquitaine and February 1 mars 1390
And thus claiming the throne of France.
“Peter is brother Sulpin Minor in the convent of Toulouse. He inherited a fund of Books,
known for his science, he founded the University of Toulouse a College that was the name of
St. FLOUR which he was born.

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My Poetry. If.

If I was the sea 
I would carry you for miles
protect you from sharks
Drown in your smiles.
If I was God
I would forgive all sinners
force mankind to love
Make everyone winners.
If I was rich
I would buy you flowers
give money to the poor
build family towers.
If I was telepathic
I would read your mind
root out all your despair
And make negativity kind.
If I was an insect
I would probably be
a busy wee ant
Scrounging and free..
If I was an animal
I would like to be
a roaring Lion
Fearing me.
If I was a car
I would be very fast
leaving the dust behind
Having a blast.
If I was a bird
I would soar in the sky
enjoy all the views
And people passing by.
If I was a horse
I would run forever
then eat hay at night
To be proud and clever.
If I was a ship
I would be on a cruise
lap up the sun
Enjoying the booze!
If I was the sun
I would shine on all of you
because you are special
Unique through and through.
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My Poetry. Worry Worry.

We have all made mistakes in life 
without them, we wouldn't be normal
sacrifices we have to make
Be it for real or sometimes informal.
So why do people get upset
When clearly they know it hurts you?
Wrapped up in their own little World
Like glass, you can see through.
Be it for real or maybe by chance
that it can affect all but you
the circumstance will dictate the outcome
This will indeed ring true..
Set aside selfishness in your life
people can thrive on the past
remember one chance is all you get
Live life to the full and have a blast.
Worry has always been a human trait
sadness can thrive in a lonely heart
it's better to treat others with respect
Be yourself and that's a good start.
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Public Poetry. Lord Byron.

She walks in Beauty.

She walks in beauty, like the night 
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellow'd to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.
One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair'd the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.
And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!


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My Short Stories. Living in the Dark.

Living with depression alienates you from people and things, you do not want to speak to people let alone socialize with them, you are in your own dark World all you want to do is wallow in your own dreary life.


Waking up at your usual time of 1pm- 2pm or sometimes later is a way of life, your DNA makeup, living with depression of any form puts your life on hold, you think only of negative things, you stay up most nights and want to sleep all day, you either eat or you don’t, and for some people eating to excess.
Millions of people suffering from depression take some form of medication, many try to get through the depression without the aid of meds, but for some it is imperative it either helps or makes the situation ten times worse, mood swings, sweats, weight gain and so on.

Trying to get a balance is really difficult, even when attending sessions to combat depression at your local Mental Health team can have its good and bad points. Lots of people find talking helpful, it gives them a boost to try to change their lifestyle without the use of medication it gives some people motivation to move on, however it sometimes goes beyond that and medication is needed. A doctor told me that depression is a severed nerve in your brain, the medication ties up the nerve in your brain and makes it complete, I believe this to be correct, that’s why when your prescribed medication it takes a few months for it to work, just as explained earlier.
I am sure many people can relate to this, but just remember, you are not ALONE. I have suffered chronic depression for many years and still battle with it today.
I invite you to comment with your experiences and share with many sufferers who would value your opinion.

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My Short Stories. Tone Deaf, with a heart of Gold.

All in all the family were happy, Audrey was a clever child she managed to walk at an early age and for her years she was advanced, one thing that was slow was her speech, she was not able to talk as well as the other children when she started Nursery the teachers became concerned and called in her parents.
Audrey’s mum knew something was not right as she was very behind in her ability to talk, but she just put it down to the fact she was quicker at adapting to other things and never thought any more of it.

Audrey smiled and when she did she lit up a room, she never cried, when she did it was only through hunger, she was contented with herself.
After a few tests with a speech therapist it was discovered Audrey was profoundly deaf, she could not hear anything at all, the therapist tested her on various levels of speech but Audrey did not respond to any of them.

Pretty soon Audrey was given hearing aids to aid her hearing.
After two months she began to respond and her speech developed a hundredfold, her parents were still in shock because they never knew their child was deaf.
Pretty soon it became clear that Audrey would never be able to hear one hundred per cent.

Her parents soon adapted to sign language having personal lessons from a sign expert.
Audrey excelled at school and even though she was disabled her aptitude amazed her parents, Audrey went on to complete her doctorate and soon became a fine doctor.

The moral of the story.

Disablement does not impair success.:)


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My Short Stories. You gave me Life.

Adrian breathed a sigh of relief, the tests were hard, the waiting excruciating but in the end, it was all worthwhile, yes he thought hard and took his time, but he had to do something, it was her last resort. The tests would identify if he was going to be a suitable match, blood matched even though they both had rare blood thank the Lord he thought to himself they matched.

Isabella had been awaiting a kidney transplant for 11 years, Adrian was too young to go through the operation at the time, he felt bad having to watch his sister fight day in and day out to keep alive, watching her turn yellow because her Kidneys were failing, he was sad but at the same time he knew she was a battler, and she would fight this until someone came along, a suitable donor.
Isabella was being kept alive by a Dialysis machine, it was her life support machine without it she would simply “die” what a thought Adrian shivered as if someone had walked over his grave.

Isabella had to travel daily to the Transplant unit in the Towns Hospital, she would stay there for six hours until she was “topped up” this gave Adrian the giggles as if he was talking about filling a car with petrol.
The family couldn’t afford to hire a dialysis machine they didn’t have much money so Isabella had to travel, she didn’t mind, but she looked awful each time she returned.
The day had finally come, Adrian held his sister’s hand as both of them were wheeled into the Th-eater, the doctor was a youngish man with greying hair probably the result of his years of studying, however, his smile was of assurance as he waved to the anaesthetist to administer the local anaesthetic.

The next thing Adrian saw was a shadow overlooking him, grabbing his arm to take his blood pressure, he fell back asleep, felt no pain but some discomfort it was to be expected he thought sleepily having a part of your body removed. Isabella woke up five hours after Adrian, she looked around and saw Adrian was still fast asleep before she could say anything her dad, pushed his fingers to her lips and said “everything is an alright darling” “Adrian is fine” “how do you feel”? Isabella was too weak to talk and drifted into another semi-conscious sleep. Three months later Adrian and Isabella were sitting outside a café enjoying the sun, both reflecting on the operation and the outcome. Isabella was now back to normal, she had a great colour and looked healthy, Adrian was fine too, they both giggled as they sipped their coffee.


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Scotland and its History. Witchcraft.

We are all aware that Witchcraft was very real in the early Centuries in England, Women were either drowned or burnt to the stake after being accused of being a Witch, the funny thing was (not for them of course) if they died they were “innocent” if they survived after being dunked they were Witches? Obviously a very real and terrifying ordeal for everyone around that period. It got to the stage that if one person did not like the other they were reported as being a Witch and were subjected to these bazaar tortures so it must have been pretty awful worrying if you were going to be next!
Surprising to me it happened in Scotland and here are my discoveries on Witchcraft in Scotland.

Between 1479 and 1722 more than 4000 men and women were burnt as Witches in Scotland, of that number 300 were executed on Castlehill in Edinburgh, during the reign of James IV of Scotland. In this period Witchcraft was evident all over the World it seemed like an epidemic had happened and the World had to be rid of those people, it culminated from religious reformation worldwide. In 1640 The Scott’s Assembly warned Ministers to be careful of people being “charmed” and taken in.

People were accused of being under the “Devils spell” willingly while satisfying their own wicked ways. Identified trying to establish if the individual made a pact with the devil. As always the people accused were poor, disliked, and never received a fair trial, (what’s new).
Witch Hunters were employed to “rake out the witches” to be subjected to the tortures which lay ahead. Torture was used in Scotland, however, unlike the English, the authorities in Scotland accepted a confession under torture, (tell me who wouldn’t have admitted it under that pain?)
One way of identifying if they were witches as if they had the devils mark, usually moles, scars or other skin blemishes all humans have on their body, there were supposedly made by the devil’s teeth? Pins were used by the Witchfinder, if the blemishes produced no pain after being pricked or did not bleed, then they were the devil’s mark! The Witch Hunters were paid on commission so needless to say many people innocent or not were murdered for them to gain money.

In the late 1700s an elderly lady who was eccentric was tried for being a witch in Edinburgh, very near to were Princess Street Gardens are now, this formed part of the defences for Edinburgh in the early 1400′ this old lady would be found muttering to herself, and acting strange around people, therefore, someone in their wisdom thought she must be a witch! She was trussed up my toes and fingers, dunked into the loch and as I said earlier if she drowned she was innocent? If she floated she was guilty? Air pockets in her gown made her float to the top of the Loch hence it was discovered she was indeed a witch? She was carried back up to Edinburgh Castle, strangled then burnt to the stake as so many people before her?
After a few years when only the poor were deemed witches it climbed the higher classes, then Royalty was involved, in 1590 the Berwick witches story included sorcery, politics and treason.

When the Bailee of Tranent accused a female servant of witchcraft it all kicked off, he personally tortured her with thumbscrews after it was discovered she had the “devils mark” naturally the pain made her confess however she implicated many others, amongst the accused, were a doctor, a Lords daughter, a teacher and a midwife. Also, implicated were Royal claims to the throne, he was arrested put into prison but managed to escape, only to be caught again. Tortured he still did not admit to being a witch and claimed his innocence throughout his ordeal., this was put down to heavy influence by the devil himself.
Burning on the stake the Teacher still professed his innocence. All the people implicated were put to death regardless of innocence being proved. Finally, here are some cases involved in Witchcraft recorded in literature, this ended around the mid-1800s

Burnt to the stake in 1600 for making people ill???

Tried for witchcraft in 1756 accused of having a meeting with a man who died 29 years previous?

Accused in 1608 of meeting the devil and casting a spell on a farmer’s crops? Can you imagine, what would happen nowadays? Blemishes on the skin means u are in league with the devil, LOL I’m having plastic surgery, it goes to show, Humans, are fearful of the paranormal and in the above cases it went to the extreme.

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My Short Stories. The Ride of your Life.

Our cousins lived not too far away from us, they were pretty comfortable off, both their parents worked so it meant they got quite a bit from them, not OTT, but they did OK, one of the things I longed for as a lad was a bike, everyone seemed to have one, we could never really afford one, so it was up to the good nature of our mates to let us have a go, my wee brother is only a couple of years younger than me, so we used to do a lot together, mainly fight lol, but looking back we did have good times together.

He was the same, he wanted a bike also, so like me he relied on his friends to give him a go, back then you could go for miles on a bike, kinda like the world was your oyster, energy wasn’t an issue you could ride all day and night and never tire of it, we ventured pretty far at times and thinking back now I often cringe at the situations we got into, but back then in the seventies, it was much safer than it is today.
Our cousins were cool, two girls, they came round to our street every morning to give us a ride of their new bikes, we circled around the block having goes between us, this was really cool, we had a blast, I can still feel the hot sun beaming down on a summers morning when they arrived. Finally, one Christmas our parents bought us a Chopper bike, these were the best back them, 3 gears one wheel smaller than the other and built to last, you have no idea what these bikes meant to us back then, we went everywhere and had the best of times. Nowadays a bike wouldn’t be the ultimate present but things change, happy days.


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Scotland and its History. Jekyll and Hyde.

As we are all aware, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were fictitious Characters by Scottish Born, Robert Louis Stevenson who also wrote the famous book Treasure Island, a childhood favourite of mine and a game we played in the woods at the beach at Cramond in the early Seventies.

But the question is, who did Stevenson base the Jekyll character on? Well it was another man from Edinburgh called Deacon Brodie.
Deacon Brodie came from a well respected Edinburgh family, his Father was a high earner making fine cabinets and was a deacon in the incorporated rights of carpenters and other tradesmen, as well as a member of the Town council. Young Deacon was to follow in his Fathers footsteps and end up the Deacon himself in 1781. When Deacons father died he was left a massive fortune as well as his family home in the Lawn Market in the Centre of Edinburgh.
Deacon Brodie rubbed shoulders with all Edinburgh s elite and became a member of the exclusive Cape Club a high Society Club in Edinburgh. So this part of Brodie’s life took care of the Jekyll side of Stevenson’s character but what about the Hide part? Brodie was a massive gambler placing lots of money on “cock fights” and was also renowned for lingering in dark streets after binge drinking, amongst many dubious characters.

Robert Louis Stevenson The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde First Published 1886 Mr Hyde

He also had many mistresses with many offspring, this would have been very expensive so maybe that’s why he turned to crime? Or as some say it may have been the “Hyde” part in him?
For a long time his crime was very successful, night-time robbery, as he was able to clay copy all his victims keys to access their property, and because he was well respected by his peers he was never under any suspicion. Can you imagine what he must have felt like when he was called into a Town Council meeting to discuss the high rate of burglaries in the area?
His confidence must have grown as he took on three accomplices from his drinking dens and naturally Brodie was the “ringleader”

Many things were stolen including the mace from Edinburgh University! But when they stole lots of silks from a famous clothier, there was a pardon put out to anyone who were accomplices in the thefts.
In a Bungled attempt at the excise office, one of the accomplices named Brown gave information to gain his free pardon from the robbery at the Excise office. The other accomplices were arrested but Brodie still remained above suspicion and tried many times to visit his accomplices in prison to make sure they did not turn him in to the Police.

Failed attempts pushed Brodie into leaving the City. A leading newspaper of the time offered a £200.00 reward for the information regarding Brodie’s whereabouts that sum of money would be the equivalent of 30 thousand pounds in today’s money so it was a healthy reward.
A very graphic description was put out for Brodie which covered him to a “T”, Brodie managed to escape to Holland hoping to catch a ship to America and his freedom!Alas, for Brodie he sent some letters home making it easy for the authorities to trace him, he was finally brought home for trial.

Brodie and the first accomplice went on trial based on evidence of the other two accomplices, in 1788 both were found guilty and sentenced to hang. A famous agent of the infamous Robert Burns the poet, wrote about the trial, Brodie sent an appeal to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh to stop his hanging and instead ban him to Botany Bay were all criminals who did not receive the death penalty were sent.
After 34 days in captivity Brodie was led to the scaffolding, erected outside St Giles cathedral minutes away from his home. Four of Brodie’s friends were present at the hanging to take his body away after, Brodie was well presented at the day of his death. Ironically He had died on the very gallows He had designed while sitting on the City Council.

The exclusive club he was once a member of membership book had a hand drawn picture of Brodie hanging from the gallows, with words, “for robbing the excise office” inscribed, a succinct last comment to mark the demise of the Original Jekyll and Hyde.


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Infamous Scots. Burke and Hare.

Doon the close and up the stairs
But an Ben wi Burke and Hare
Burke’s the butcher
Hares the thief
Knox the man who buys the beef!

You may remember in the early 19th century there was a craze for medical growth, students eager to learn how the body operated, what killed people and also eager to make a name for themselves in the World of medicine. There wasn’t the technology we share today, Students did not have labs they could work in and learn they sometimes carried out their studies in dimly lit rooms without the proper tools and sterilization methods we have today.
As the science of the body was important needless to say there was a shortage of bodies for medical research, body snatching wasn’t a new thing, it had been going on since the early 18th century. But concerning Burke and Hare, they captured the World with their devious methods of Grave robbing so much, so they became infamous and a part although not a pleasant part of Scottish History.

Dr Knox was a famous doctor in Edinburgh and in his medical school he attracted up to 500 students from all walks of life to experience his famous dissections of the human body, science was important as I said earlier. Officially back then only one body was allowed per Annum for each medical school and it had to be a dead convicted criminal, this wasn’t enough for the Medical schools so underhanded “body snatching” became big business for people like Burke and Hare.
On a moonlit night, shadows could be seen sneaking around the graveyard looking for fresh specimens to do the medical research and most of the time it was the Students themselves who robbed the graves to supply their medical school with a fresh subject. They were also known as “resurrectionists” by the public who were horrified when they found out this was going on. Special watchtowers, walls and Iron fences were erected in some graveyards (which are still present today) to make sure the bodies were not exhumed after death.

This did not stop Burke and Hare, they concentrated on the waifs and strays coming into Edinburgh, people they knew would not be missed. Lured away into a dark street then murdered to allow them to pass the body on to the medical research students. To this day no one knows how many went missing but it was estimated between 20-30 people at that time. On the 17th December 1828 the trial began against Burke and Hare, crowds gathered in the streets booing the prosecuted as they were led into the High Court. There was no evidence to prove both men had killed the number of people that had gone missing however the court had proof of an old Irish lady called Mrs Dougherty but the evidence was flimsy.

So flimsy that it was turned around that Hare would not be prosecuted in turn he was to give evidence against his partner Burke and the lady he lived with. Mrs Dougherty had only just arrived in Edinburgh from Ireland, she became to know Burke after a short while Burke had two lodgers in his house, he asked them to leave to allow Mrs Dougherty to live there, they did move out however Mr Mrs Gray was suspicious about Burke’s motives, Mrs Gray returned to the home a few days later and found Mrs Dougherty lying under a bed of straw, dead. She had given this evidence in court. Dr Knox was called to the stand as a witness for the prosecution he told the court that Burke had called on him to say he had a fresh sample for his medical school. It appeared that Dr Knox had done lots of Business with Burke and Hare, as told by eyewitnesses.

Hare had told the court that Burke had suffocated Mrs Dougherty but many believed Mr Hare not to be as innocent as he made out. After 24 hours the jury made a decision that Burke was guilty of murdering Mrs Dougherty by suffocation. Burke stood alone charged with the murder and was hanged by the neck in the Old Town (Edinburgh) in front of 25,000 people, Hare fled to England and was never seen again. Burke’s body was given to MEDICAL SCIENCE for dissection after his death.
Dr Knox was not charged with being an accomplice, probably his status prevented that, however, he was turned out of Edinburgh by popular demand and started his practice somewhere else. Burke’s skeleton is on display at the Edinburgh Medical school as ordered by the then Lord Meadowbank as a reminder of the heinous crimes against humanity by Burke and Hare. The legend lives on, the local children at the time made up a song regarding the duo it went.


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Scotland and its History. The Plague

In the early days Edinburgh, well pretty much everywhere wasn’t the most hygienic of places, disease was rife, bad sanitary conditions made it even worse, people used to shout “Gardy Lou” when they were throwing their human waste out of the windows, yes sounds lovely LOL but that was the way they lived.
The words Gardy Lou came from the French meaning Gardez L’eau, which meant “watch out for the water” sounds like you had to watch out for a lot more LOL.

n the early 1700s, a Captain was a bit more graphic in his description, he was given a guide to get to his lodgings, the guide reminded him to “Hud yer Haunde” meaning hold your hand with a sash or something because the opening of a window in the streets meant one thing, yes it was gonna fly LOL, even in his dwelling the Captain had to hold the sheet over his head as the neighbours throwing out their waste would waft everywhere, the smell was unbearable. The captain reported having had a good stay and the company was excellent however he commented on the fact that the living conditions were horrendous, wonder why LOL!!

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My Short Stories. A City of Love.

I was privileged to visit my home City (EDINBURGH), (SCOTLAND) for a few days to catch up with family.

Had not been home for 7 years.
I made my life in England, following my family, now this is the place I am home too. I do not, however, disregard my Birthplace as a distant memory, as I caught up on the many places I was familiar with, places I grew up in which naturally are no longer there.
The streets of Edinburgh are still beautiful, the weather remains the same, having practically all the seasons in one day.


Like many Cities it progresses, many new buildings have been erected in the time I was away, many new supermarkets now grace the areas were I played and grew up as a child.
I met my big sister for the first time in seven years, she had hardly changed, still the same person I knew before I left.

She had an agenda for us for the four days, it was well planned, I didn’t have any time to be bored, not for one moment.
I saw the new tram system which was underway before I left, this took a long time to construct but at the end of the day, it was worth it, as I had the pleasure to have a ride on them.
One day was very sunny, the heat was in the sun, however at night-time, it was freezing LOL, the Edinburgh I knew.

As we travelled around Edinburgh on buses mainly, I started to remember most things, Edinburgh Castle was still as beautiful as I remember, Princess street full of beautiful flowers in the garden, and the famous shops attracting millions of visitors per year.

The City was as beautiful as I had remembered.
I visited a few members of my family, and we even went to a club in Edinburgh to enjoy a wee drink, it was a very nice evening.

I was able to sample foods I once knew, as here in England we do not have some Scottish traditional menu.
The trip was a success, I loved meeting up with the people I care about.

We must never ever forget where we came from, and I am proud to call myself Scottish, and cannot wait to go back again.

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Scotland and its History. The Creation.

The History of Scotland is known to have begun by the end of the last glacial period (in the paleolithic), roughly 10,000 years ago. Prehistoric Scotland entered the Neolithic Era about 4000 bc, the Bronze Age about 2000 bc, and the Iron Age around 700 bc. Scotland’s recorded history began with the arrival of the Roman Empire in the 1st century when the province of Britannia reached as far north as the line between the firths of Clyde to the Forth.

North of this was Caledonia, whose people were known in Latin as “Picti”, “the painted ones”. Constant risings forced Rome’s legions back: Hadrian’s Wall attempted to seal off the Roman south and the Antonine Wall attempted to move the Roman border north. The latter was swiftly abandoned and the former overrun, most spectacularly during the Great Conspiracy of the 360s. As Rome finally withdrew from Britain, Gaelic raiders called the Scoti began colonizing Western Scotland and Wales.
According to 9th- and 10th-century sources, the Gaelic kingdom of Dál Riata was founded on the west coast of Scotland in the 6th century.

In the following century, the Irish missionary Columba founded a monastery on Iona and introduced the previously pagan Scoti and pagan Picts to Celtic Christianity. Following England’s Gregorian mission, the Pictish king Nechtan chose to abolish most Celtic practices in favour of the Roman rite, restricting Gaelic influence on his kingdom and avoiding war with Anglian Northumbria.[1] Towards the end of the 8th century, the Viking invasions began. Successive defeats by the Norse forced the Picts and Gaels to cease their historic hostility to each other and to unite in the 9th century, forming the Kingdom of Scotland.

The Kingdom of Scotland was united under the descendants of Kenneth MacAlpin, the first king of a united Scotland. His descendants, known to modern historians as the House of Alpin, fought among each other during frequent disputed successions. The last Alpin king, Malcolm II, died without issue in the early 11th century and the kingdom passed through his daughter’s son, Duncan I, who started a new line of kings known to modern historians as the House of Dunkeld or Canmore. The last Dunkeld king, Alexander III, died in 1286 leaving only a single infant granddaughter as heir; four years later, Margaret, Maid of Norway herself died in a tragic shipwreck en route to Scotland.

England, under Edward I, would take advantage of the questioned succession in Scotland to launch a series of conquests into Scotland. The resulting Wars of Scottish Independence were fought in the late 13th and early 14th centuries as Scotland passed back and forth between the House of Balliol and the House of Bruce. Scotland’s ultimate victory in the Wars of Independence under David II confirmed Scotland as a fully independent and sovereign kingdom. When David II died without issue, his nephew Robert II established the House of Stewart (the spelling would be changed to Stuart in the 16th century), which would rule Scotland uncontested for the next three centuries.

James VI, Stuart king of Scotland, also inherited the throne of England in 1603, and the Stuart kings and queens ruled both independent kingdoms until the Act of Union in 1707 merged the two kingdoms into a new state, the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Ruling until 1714, Queen Anne was the last Stuart monarch. Since 1714, the succession of the British monarchs of the houses of Hanover and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Windsor) has been due to their descent from James VI and I of the House of Stuart.
During the Scottish Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution, Scotland became one of the commercial, intellectual and industrial powerhouses of Europe. Later, its industrial decline following the Second World War was particularly acute. In recent decades Scotland has enjoyed something of a cultural and economic renaissance, fueled in part by a resurgent financial services sector and the proceeds of North Sea oil and gas. Since the 1950s, nationalism has become a strong political topic, with serious debates on Scottish independence, and a referendum in 2014 about leaving the British Union.

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My Poetry. Love Letters.

I recall the letters you sent me
when I was just a lad
perfumed colour paper
Would often make me sad.
The love you put into your words
brought tears to my tired eyes
at the end of every letter
You left a wonderful surprise.
Fighting made it harder
never knowing if I would live
your words made me determined
The comfort you would give.
The war is bloody and merciless
friends dying in fearful ways
all I could smell was your perfume
and the words the music plays
For many weeks' nothing came
I felt sad and all alone
desperate for your words
Dreaming on my own.
When the mail finally arrived
my heart would pound hard
you are my one and only
My beautiful sweet bard.
The war had finally ended
very soon we would be as one
memories are still vivid
As we sit beneath the sun.
Your letters kept me alive
spiritually you were with me
even if all around was tragic
You always made me free.
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My Poetry. What is Poetry?

I write poems 
that's a fact 
they always rhyme 
can't help that. 
Everyone has a style 
that makes it cool 
from free flow to sonnets 
there is no rule. 
It depends on the writer
what he/she records
everyone works
on their own accords.
Some like poetry intense
some like it light
there are no rules
no need to fight.
You write from the heart
if you feel the need
stretch your imagination
no limits to heed.
Poetry is an escape
to live another life
escape to the study
dodge the wife.
We write what we feel
Dependant of the time
it can be of love
or a major crime.
Whatever we write
we hope you enjoy
for some, it's their life
from a girl or boy.
Why not give it a bash
let your juices flow
put pen to paper
and let it go.
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My Poetry. Human Trafficking.

Everything paid for, and more  
from poverty to a good life
"you will want for nothing"
You can also bring your wife!

Crushed in pokey vans
with little or no air
driven to tiny squats
No one will even care.
Uneducated young children
brought to a strange place
Who will ever miss them?
Kids fallen from grace.

Used for cheap labour
for companies who don't ask why
groomed for prostitution
No protection will apply.
What are the Government doing?
To end this illegal act
never went through immigration
No dignity intact.

Thousands of people kidnapped
expecting a life so good
the choice of accommodation
The promise of substantial food.

The horror of this act
is aired in public voice
but still it always happens
Sometimes with no choice.
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My Poetry. Make it easy on Yourself.

Embers glowing on the open log fire 
still, have to work when you want to retire 
the squeaking noise on the rattily church spire 
Your needs are great by mine are dire. 
The leaves are Fallin off the beautiful tree 
the flowers are missing the busy bee 
the winds are howling in a whistling spree 
You're coming home soon to be with me. 
The meal is ready so just sit down
and take away that solemn frown
you may sink in the water but you will never drown
Long live the King and his well-fitted crown.
The day is long but the night is forever
you may think your dumb but I know you're clever
when you're ready to go or it might be whenever
Your head is intact but some want it to sever.
The grass is green but is it on the other side?
You want to say sorry but you think of your pride
you're on the cliff edge it’s about to subside
I love you my dear will you be my bride?
I want you to be happy there’s no other way
awake from your slumber face a bright new day
your opinion is precious no one can sway
Is it made of concrete or just out of clay?
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My Poetry. My secret Wish.

My secret wish  
is to end all wars
banish the things
That I abhor.

Help the starving
stop children crying
banish all traces
Of the sick and dying.
Allow animals to survive
without being hunted
people fleeing from countries
Transported and shunted.
Respect the elderly
give them a voice
give fellow man
A reasonable choice.
Look after our planet
keep loving green
the tired and homeless
Should be seen.
End all poverty
make everyone rich
from people in mansions
to the man in the ditch,
Learn to live together
stop hunger and greed
make food available
For humans to feed.
Trust in your brother
give them a say
love your sister
be they straight or gay
My secret wish
is for all the above
so before its too late
Share the love.

What is Your secret wish?

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My Poetry. You reap what you sow!

Kiss the girls  
make them cry
tell the truth
Never lie.
Offer your heart
bare your soul
make life a winner
Achieve your goal.
Live for the day
when all will be well
a loving World
Who can tell?
End all hate
and bigotry
unite as one
Care about children
watch them grow
take care of others
You reap what you sow!
Worry about our climate
don't leave it to chance
look after our Earth
let it grow and enhance.
Respect your elders
nurture the good
remember the starving
Dying for food!
Share the wealth
end poverty
you will see a difference
To you and me.
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My Poetry. When your in Love.

When you're in love 
grey skies turn blue
butterflies in your stomach
All-day through.
No appetite as such
you just wanna fly
whistling away
The days go by.
No time for darkness
negativity is nil
no need for swallowing
the bitter Pill.
The World is alive
with happiness and delight
for Cupid has arrived
With all his might.
The hugs and caresses
is all I require
while we sit and hug
Around the old log Fire!

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My Poetry. Young and Vulnerable.

Amy was just fourteen 
when she decided to run
her life was insufferable
never had any fun.
Her parents abused her daily
mentally she was drained
she had to break the monotony
relationships were strained.
She felt she was unloved
used as a slave all day
her opinions never mattered
she never got her say.
Badly advised by a friend
to make off and never come back
seek her fortune in this World
days would never be black!
Vulnerable and lonely
nothing was keeping her here
she packed whatever she could
excited barely a tear.
Amy jumped on a bus
unperturbed where it would go
dreamily gazing out the window
Finally, she could grow.
Landing in a strange Town
she never knew a soul
walking till her feet ached
Dying to meet her goal.
She was befriended by a guy
three times her age or more
he gave her food and shelter
going out he locked the door.
Vulnerable and innocent
Amy took what she could
he seemed so kind at first
She thought he did her good.
Then things started to change
he became possessively weird
she wanted to get out of there
the worst to come she feared.
He brought some other guys
into her little place
she heard them whisper softly
but never saw a face.
Men as old as her granddad
passed money to the guy
by now she suddenly realized
it was her they wanted to buy.
Amy didn't know what to do
she had to escape this place
but there were no windows in the room
just all walls in this space.
As the old guy approached her door
she froze in fear of her life
thinking she had escaped from abuse
and now held with a knife.
She made a dash for the door
as the guy let someone in
this was her only chance
the only way to win.
Amy escaped with her life
stopping a Policeman on the way
cold, scared, agitated
trying hard to say
Social Services were called
Amy was taken into care
safe in a new environment
no more pain she would have to bare.

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My Poetry. Invited to a Dark Place.

I'm invited to a dark place 
I think that I should go
nothing here to keep me
No room to adapt or grow.
A place dark and endless
naked bodies all around
deadened eyes blackened
not even a sound.
Walking on for miles
nothing can be seen
touching ice-cold humans
Where have they been?
The air is full of stench
nothing wastes away
living on forever
No one wants to stay.
Round and around we go
no doors open here
just the feeling of remorse
Dread and fear.
The only time it ends
is if your lucky to see the light
but there's always something around
You can never try to fight.
I'm invited to a dark place
I think I will not go
as witnessed in my darkest hour
I will continue to grow.
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My Poetry. The darker side of Life.

Do you have any idea 
What it's like to be depressed? 
Always unhappy, anxious, sad
regularly Feeling stressed. 
Every day is the same 
nothing ever bright 
your brain tired, ill and fried 
Constantly wanting to fight. 
Hoping you never
awake the next day
caring less what people think
Or what they may say.
Visiting doctors
to be fed with pills
watching all around you
Attending with ills.
Nothing means anything
no interest in life
wondering what it's like
To be cut with a knife.
Planning your demise
each new day
dreaming of wars
And skies of Gray.
Waiting for the time
when you can finally rest
your mind will stop working
Failing the test.
People all around you
staring at your shell
personal hygiene is forgotten
Beginning to smell.
Don't care what you look like
shabby and forlorn
wearing old clothes
Tattered and torn.
Days and nights the same
cannot concentrate
tears flowing wildly
Humanly a state.
Who cares for you?
More people than you know
there is help out there
To make you grow.
Don't suffer in silence
as millions do
there are ways to the light
To take you from the blues.

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My Poetry. Little Things.

The little things you do for me 
always pleases my soul 
your kindness is noted 
it helps me reach my goal. 
Friends are like rainbows 
treasures await at the end 
love and compassion 
and all you send. 
Seeing you each day
brightens my life
it eases the anguish
lowers the strife.
You're there for me
as I am for you
the smile on my face
shines on through.
It isn't one way
I adore you too
the crème of the crop
the sun shines through.
Whatever happens
as our day goes on
we are there for each other
from dusk till dawn.
I feel so alone
until I hear your voice
your my number one
and that's my choice.
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My Poetry. Its a Mans World.

He glances at the pile of washing 
not sure what he should do
does he put his white shirt in
With t shirts coloured blue?
Towels and clothes everywhere
piled into the machine
music playing in the background
hot water causing steam.
Switching on the washing machine
the other hand dusting the shelves
Wow! I didn't realize
I thought they cleaned themselves!
Dishes packed on the counter
the sink has got a task
Will he dawn his rubber gloves?
Did you have to ask?
Time to go and make the bed
thinking its an easy chore
all you do is flick the duvet
Then its on the floor!
Time to put the kettle on
the sweat beats off his brow
running out of milk again
I need to buy a cow.
The washing turns at a deadly pace
it's a technological wizard
Wait isn't that my boxer shorts?
Flapping in the blizzard.
Time to get the vacuum out
designed to make life easy
but pushing this massive tube of plastic
Makes your back feel queasy!
Doubled in a bout of pain
hobbling to the couch
housework isn't an easy task
In fact id say its OUCH!!!
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My Poetry. Our World.

As the World revolves today 
much has happened this Year 
people killed or lost 
Or living in fear. 
Earthquakes roar and grumble 
famine still is rife 
for man, woman, child 
Hardship comes to life. 
But do not forget others
who suffer each new day
don't let them be forgotten
While they have no say.
God moves in mysterious ways
 still, he wants to be heard
 some say this is his way
 of pulling in "his herd"
 Planets can only take so much
 of man made destruction
 so let's try our level best
 To aid in its construction.
 Oceans roar, winds batter
 nothing can stand the blast
 just like many years before
 We answer to our past.
 People in this World each day
 suffer a striking blow
 lose family members daily
 Scared more will go.
 Nuclear stations blowing up
 radiation in the air
 for people who never wanted this
 Too right it isn't fair.
 Why not use resources
 free, not harmful at all
 use the wind and solar power
 Then no one will fall.
 War, uprisings, restlessness
 the whole World going mad
 trying to oust despots
 Democracy is needed bad.
 Let's treat our Earth like treasure
 learn from all this foe
 or else we will have nothing
 Nowhere to go.
 Our kids need a stable future
 Generations may be lost
 sit back and try to think
 Add up the cost.
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My Poetry. Harmony in our World.

What do you see in your daily life? 
Love, hate, war 
arguments ongoing, no sense at all 
What are we fighting for? 
Hoping a new day brings fresh promise 
we all want to live and learn 
we only get one crack at the whip 
And goodness we can earn. 
Say "hello" don't be shy
we are all the same
get your head up, enjoy the view
Don't hang your head in shame.
Do someone a good turn
make their day
you will benefit
All the way.
When you feel irate
count to ten
hold your breath
Think back when.
Peace was the norm
Brothers were united
when each day was magical
You felt excited.
We only have one World
so lets give it a bash
think before you speak
Don't be rash.
Unanimous in wealth
it's a time to cheer
when we live in harmony
Not in fear.
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My Poetry. A Childs Child!

Peace on earth and mercy mild
Why can’t I not have my child?
Pressurized, made to feel un-pure
The morning after tablets may not always cure.

Leaving it too late to get advice
After eating well the human spice
Children so young immature in life
To be a partner let alone a wife.
Visits to clinics, adults all around
Losing your identity can it ever be found?
Ruining your life, so pure and true
Life full of trauma, feelings of blue.
A thirteen-year-old aged in a day
She has no rights or even a say
I want my baby, to live its life
I was born myself in violent strife.
Be protected and wise if things get hot
Whether right or wrong or often not
Babies are born too frequent these days
Children themselves end up ruined this way.
Educate yourself in matters of sex
Read all the books study the text
Speak to your parents be honest too
Your life will be better no more fool you.
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My Poetry. Just one Mistake!

He tried very hard to fit in
 but no one gave him a chance
 a new guy in the neighbourhood
 A new life, he hoped to enhance.
 No one ever forgives you
 No matter what anyone will say.
 Forgetting the bad times he had
 reliving that horrible day.
 All he wanted was peace
 An end to the strife.
 Attending many schools
 never really had a life.
 His time was made hellish
 Nearly every day.
 A fight that ended in death
 so the defence would say.
 But no one would ever forget
 It never made any sense.
 Another kid pulled a knife
 he said it was self defence.
 Having to defend himself
 or he would have probably died.
 Reputation followed him
 no matter how much he lied.
 Always leading to challenges
 With no peaceful intent.
 Someone bigger and stronger
 came into his life with intent.
 but always he would avoid them
 Before the day had gone.
 Eventually, he had to pull out
 and ran away at dawn.
 despite his reputation
 He wasn't any fool.
 One mistake in your life
 is normally the rule.
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My Poetry. A Prisoner in her own Home.

Colourful prisms of light
set free from blackened cracked glass
forcing the darkness to illuminate
Allowing the aroma of cut grass.
She never leaves her home
imprisoned within four walls
no one ever gets inside
Feeling bound by a chain and ball.
A woman who once held respect
heavily into charity by day
a pillar of the community
People listened to what she would say.
Many years passed in her life
tragedy struck many times
the family passed away, friends moved on
Her son sent down for crimes.
Now her life was empty
her interest declined by day
nothing would get through to her
At home, she was forced to stay.
Doctors tried in vain
to get her to leave her house
a frail, aged woman
As quiet as a mouse.
She felt she was misunderstood
no one knew how she was
her illness killing her at speed
her life was not in pause.
The fear to leave her house
finally, took its toll
her heart gave up the battle
The final drum roll.
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My Poetry. Counting Sheep.

I cannot sleep 
wide awake 
let me go 
For goodness’s sake. 
I toss and turn 
like a restless dog 
the wheels have stopped 
With a broken cog. 
My mind is active
it never stops
like thieves and robbers
Being chased by cops!
Try counting sheep
got to the end
this restless night
it will depend.
Go have a drink
to settle your mind
think of happy things
Try to be kind.
Eventually you fall
into a deep sound sleep
But what time was it?
You did not keep!
Up in the morning
still, dead tired
so to you my dear brain

  you are FIRED.
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My Poetry. The Arachnid and Me!!

There was a spider 
crawling on my floor 
couldn't catch the blighter 
To put out the door. 
Every day my eyes were peeled 
hoping it would show 
not on the walls, or in a corner 
were did it go? 
Open windows are needed
on a hot summer night
but creatures of the outside
Scamper for the light.
Giant moths fly in tune
dive-bombing by the second
no care for anything in its path
Or a newspaper it never reckoned!
Still, the search is on
for my spider house mate
were the heck did it go?
Is it ready for its fate?
Scanning the floor, and the walls
still, it does not appear
the thought of it still in my  house
Is filling me with fear.
Our eight legged furry friends
 have no idea how they panic
 a man in his middle years
 Distraught and all too manic.
 Just when its out of your mind
 in the corner of your eye you see
 your friend running on the floor
 So cheeky and it's free.
 Deciding on what action to take
 whether he will stand still or run
 Will you do the humane thing?
 Or shoot it with a gun!
 Panic comes all over me
 as I stand in a frozen state
 then he starts to make a run
 And then it seals its fate.
 As I place the cup over him
 hoping he will stay put
 goodbye Mr Spider
 its time that you were oot.

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